Tell me It-bag dreams and I’ll tell you who you are

by fashionsnobber

Want to have a fun fashion test with me? Locate among these your luxury bag, It-Bag, favorite and discover what kind of woman you are and the style that represents you.

Tell me your favorite It-Bag and I will tell you who you are

Céline Luggage Tote

Céline Luggage Tote bag.

Since its debut in 2010 is the essential bag for every fashion Victim.
If you choose this luxury bag you are a fashionista hardened. Always up to date with the latest trend. Do you like to experiment, you’re not afraid to take risks and you launch headlong on any news might come your way in life and in fashion.

Chanel 2.55

It-Bag Chanel 2.55.

Since February 1955 one of the it-bag the most desired in the world.
If your favorite six literally an investment. Reliable, weighted, with his feet firmly on the ground. Make long-term projects and before starting anything we reasons analyzing the prospects from every angle. Not enjoying unprepared and your style is always great attention to detail. And ‘so that make a difference.

Dior Saddle Bag

Dior Saddle Bag.

Launched in 2000 is still one of the most copied Dior luxury bags.
If you prefer all of you are a little big celebrities. Do not pass unobserved and love being the center of attention. You know everyone and everyone knows you. Party animal you are never lost a party in your look and dare to be quite eccentric with patterns and colors.

Fendi Baguette

Fendi Baguette.

From his baptism in 1997 has not stopped since. A real must.
If you choose this it-bag you are a woman essential. Do not you get lost behind frills, clear early on arrivals to the point without getting lost behind unnecessary words or arguments too complex. Sure of yourself your style is minimalist chic.

Gucci Jackie

Gucci Jackie It-Bag.

Born in the late 50s as a tribute to Jacqueline Kennedy but states in the 70s. Since then it has remained in production redesigned in endless variations.
If your favorite luxury bag you are a woman relaxed, cheerful, cheerful. You always have a good word for everyone and your look is natural and spontaneous as you.

Hermès Kelly

Kelly Hermès.

Born in 1892, Kelly was renamed in 1956 in honor of Grace Kelly. And ‘the real must of it-bags.
If it’s the bag of your dreams you are a woman mannered aristocrats. You’re busy, composed and elegant. Full of determination, even preferring a formal style waives your beloved jeans.

Yves Saint Laurent Mombasa

Yves Saint Laurent Mombasa.

Designed in 2001, the first fan was Gwyneth Paltrow.
And ‘your favorite it-bag? Well, you’re a woman who likes the class and practicality. Six in hand, loves to travel and learn about different cultures that incorporates classic look in your details to make a style reflecting multiethnic.

Louis Vuitton Speedy bag

Louis Vuitton Speedy bag.

It was the beginning of the 30’s the first time he was seen circular. Now is the bag most copied in the world.
If this is your favorite bag you are an eternal teenager, still teenagers at heart. Do you like to dream and believe in your little they can change the world. Spontaneous’ve never afraid to say what you think. Preppy and bon ton is your ideal style.

Prada backpack

Zaino Prada.

Launched in 1985, nylon was revolutionary for both the material for its unisex line.
If you preferred between all this it-bag are an active woman, sports, you never stay still for a moment and always full of things to do. Hard to keep up with a multitasking like you. Street style is your business card.

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Beauty Follower 02.06.2015 - 0:14

The light blue Kelly bag is my fave!


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