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by fashionsnobber

It is said that “those who are not shopping at year end does not do it all year“. So, just to not lose the habit, just for New Year I found out the new online shop of M COLLECTIVE. A Concept Store located in Milan at Viale Regina Giovanna 1. definitely become one of my fixed stop Milan.

From M Collective best designer items and clothing

M Collective concept store Milano.

M Collective (also simply called “M“) brings together more than 400 brands available in the Store in Milan which is the online shop. E ‘born to propose collections accessible seeking novelty, variety, modernity and above all quality in emerging brands. I always loved the concept store for M Collective great choice but I must admit that it is definitely unique. In most impressed me with their originality to divide the collections not for style but according to our mood. Brilliant and innovative at the same time. As indeed impossible not to be attracted by the “seen in the store and bought online“. In short, the shop and the new literally will make us lose the head of M Collective e-commerce every time you visit.

Choose M Collective as the first good about the year

My first good intentions of the year was just to give me a nice gift. Both cuddle is to start with what you love to do more. Online shopping. And what better way than to pick it up a rich platform of exclusive products not only fashionable for fashion addicts but also for those who love the true design and proper? From fashion fashionable man and woman. From beauty to high tech items, the choice was difficult. I would have bought almost all the store but in the end I opted for something original. Something that would represent me and you, also represent how I see it #MCollective and his #MCollectiveStyle. A white collar with embroidery unique in its kind, unique that can not wait to receive and wear. You like it? To me crazy.

Collar with embroidery Eleonora.

The online shop of M Collective

As you know I particularly love the web clean design, clear and with few frills. It ‘clear from the first in the style they represent, their sophistication unique brand and the strengths of their e-commerce. As the choice of products depending on their mood and their excellent services guaranteed beyond the utmost professionalism. Free shipping on purchases over 50 €, fast delivery between 24/72 hours, customer service is always available from Monday to Friday during office hours and made money back guarantee. I can only testify to what my experience on their e-commerce has been more than positive. But now it’s your turn, choose M Collective for your next shopping trip and I am sure will not be disappointed.

M Collective concept store Milano.

M Collective concept store Milano.

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