Made in Italy bags: all crazy for Sapaf Atelier

by fashionsnobber

The bag, by definition, is a portable container made of any material, shape, color and size. A woman almost always falls in love with her through love at first sight. Exactly as it happened to me more than a year ago with the Sapaf Atelier 1954 made in Italy bags. Imagine my joy in finding myself literally submerged by many of their latest creations in the beautiful Chianti setting of the Fattoria Sant’Appiano.

Sant’Appiano Farm and made in Italy bags by Sapaf Atelier

It is in the typical Tuscan countryside of Chianti that Fattoria Sant’Appiano has its roots in the fourteenth century. One of the oldest Tuscan estates where the feelings of respect, love and passion that still characterize their business were born. The same sentimental qualities on which the artisanal production of Sapaf Atelier made in Italy bags is also based. Two family traditions based on the same values for two different sectors but which complement each other perfectly when they meet. This is how Sapaf Atelier’s Spring Summer The Heritage Collection conquers me and conquers me every second and on every occasion more and more.

But what red roses, for me only bouquets bags

Borse made in Italy Sapaf Atelier.

Present that quote from Luciana Littizzetto, “But which red roses, but which bouquet of violets ?! Listen to me: bunches of shoes. This is the unconfessable desire of every woman.” Here, today I would interpret it more with bunches of bags. That’s right, give me bunches of bags made in Italy and I’ll be happy. Immerse me in unique colors, leathers and details handcrafted by expert craftsmen. Big, small and yes, even heart-shaped bags. But I recommend that they are Sapaf Atelier!

Borse made in Italy Heritage Collection di Sapaf Atelier.

Sapaf Atelier made in Italy bags.

It is certainly not over here. Fattoria Sant’Appiano gives us corners that are too beautiful to go unnoticed. So I took advantage of it for some shots of my outfit idea on how to wear an oversized long shirt. Posing ironically while waiting for what will become of me, I go back to a carefree child by going on the swing and expressing wishes while I blow on a dandelion flower. A casual look in which light blue predominates without however obscuring the real protagonists, the made in Italy bags by Sapaf Atelier.

Alla scoperta della Fattoria Sant'Appiano.

Cosa indossare per una giornata di shopping.

Dandelion girl.

Borse made in Italy Sapaf Atelier.

Come indossare una camicia lunga oversize.

Alla scoperta della Fattoria Sant'Appiano.

Come indossare una camicia lunga oversize.

Come indossare una borsa arancione.

Idea outfit su come indossare una camicia lunga oversize.

Casual outfit: how to wear long shirt oversize.

On this occasion I wore a long light blue asymmetrical shirt by Zara, Asos ripped jeans, Chanel-inspired low heel shoes by Zara and Michael Kors glasses.

Made in Italy luxury bag Sapaf Atelier.

Surrounded by all my favorite made in Italy bags, I give you an appointment for the next adventure, always with Sapaf Atelier in the romantic location of the Fattoria Sant’Appiano.

Credits: Fattoria Sant’Appiano location and shooting by Beatrice Botticelli e Leonardo Calistri.

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