Matter of nail polish

by fashionsnobber

Did you know that nail polish is the cosmetic product most sold in the world? And among all its infinite shades red and the pink excel?
I really do not, I had no idea but I would say I can confirm observing my “collection”.
The most popular nail polish are those of Chanel, Dior, Essie, OPI, KIKO, Pupa and Deborah Milano, or so it seems. My fixation are those of Chanel. I know, for someone obvious but despite having every brand can unimaginable in the end always use those. they are not infallible, they are not perfect, you mull as the others and I noticed depending on the color also changes their spreadability. But what can I say, to my taste the light and yield of its colors for me is unique.

Decalogue nail polish, 10 step to apply it to better

1. With well-nails clean and dry to remove any excess of pushing cuticles back with the help of an orange wood stick and specific products.
2. Apply a base according to the needs of our nails. Strengthening, hardening, growth, bleaching etc., Waiting is dry before continuing.
3. Apply the first coat of enamel downloading well the excess paint from the brush. It must be a thin layer. Dries faster and is spread more evenly.

Come applicare lo smalto - How to apply the nail polish.

4. Wait for the nail polish is dry before the second cut. They always recommend a minimum of two, three, depending on the color.
5. Proceed with the second coat of enamel always without exceeding the quantity to be spread.
6. Apply the polish over the entire nail without leaving spaces because some types of glazes tend to withdraw with drying. I even clothe the thickness at the tip.
7. Clean the smudges on errors with a correct pen glaze or a cotton handmade t bathed in acetone.
8. Wait for the complete drying of the second coat.
9. Use a top coat to protect, help and maintain high yield of the glaze and color.
10. If you only have 5 minutes of time you do not follow any of these steps, outputs without polish or at most with a base.

A woman can only be vulnerable in the 10 minutes in which you put the nail polish

The enamels are divided into different types. Bases, transparent, colored, matte, pearl, metallic, glitter, shimmer, frost, semi-permanent… But, no matter what we use more, there are things you do not know why, that happen to all of us during those 10 minutes during which we are vulnerable. Ie while and just finished to put the glaze.
Roll out the left hand (idem for left-handed) so impeccable, flawless, even color and bold strokes. His right hand, however, it will all shake and smudge a bit ‘everywhere.
Let the glaze before going to sleep thinking that the morning will be perfect, untouched and worthy of a manicure from beauty center. Too bad that we have to wake up the blankets and pillow fingerprints printed not only on our sleeping face but also on colored nails.
We apply it just before you go out and while tucking the shoes with moves worthy of a surgeon at the end of at least one finger will be scratched/chipped.
Although there is written “dry in two minutes” and up to 5 moving like zombies by blowing over the inevitable happens. of impelling something that we will use your fingers and blow away a bit of color.

But apart from all this, cheers glazes! So on, so forth. :*

Smalto Le Vernis nail colour Chanel - Nail polish Le Vernis nail colour Chanel.

Smalti Chanel personal collection - Nail Colour Chanel personal collection.

Smalti Chanel - Nail polish Chanel.

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