Meaning of flowers to decorate your home

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I recently talked about how to decorate a home with fresh flowers in a pot and to keep them beautiful as long as possible. Turning to the subject today we face a bit of florigraphy, namely the language and the meaning of flowers. Giving a touch of elegance and style to our rooms with their scents and colors is important just as to know what kind of sensation we want to come to relying on their way of speaking.

Meaning of flowers the most common used to decorate your home

Significato dei fiori per decorare casa - Meaning of flowers to decorate home.

Of flowers there really are a lot of types and to know the language of each one they would want a thematic encyclopedia. That is why I made a selection with the meaning of flowers the most common, true or thick that are, to which we often use to bring some spring into the house.


It expresses friendship, esteem, elegance and nobility. Particularly indicated in discrete but extremely cautious environments in the smallest detail.


Different meanings are attributed to color. Red passionate love, pink fidelity, yellow indecision and white admiration. Always bound and yet to feelings is indicated in the homes of very romantic people who feel the need to communicate their own love.


Very often confused with Daisy, like Garofano, Gerbera also has different meanings depending on the color chosen. Red love or victory, pink youth, orange cheer and yellow glory. The flower is perfect for lively environments and solar and optimistic people who like to exalt a period of happiness and success.


The flower of purity and nobility of mind par excellence. Find the right place in elegant environments for the homeowners of your own palace.


He is a spokesman for respect and devotion, but also joy. The sun symbol is perfect in cheerful and sunny rooms that reflect the mood of those who live there.


Past its classic use to scent the lingerie and despite it’s mistrust, Lavender flowers are increasingly used to decorate their homes. Recommended especially for those who love the shabby chic style in the environments where it is placed it remembers/advises unconsciously to beware of something to not forget.


They resemble small rosellines and convey grace and elegance. The pleasure of people who fall in love with the head in the clouds is ideal in a romantic setting that emanates love from every corner.


The most common flower able to grow spontaneously in every garden, a symbol of simplicity and patience. Beloved by the little ones and flipped by hopeful lover, he has no great style and covenant ambitions and simple and sincere environments and personalities. We also say that the luxury ostentation does not go too far.


Its strong decorative value symbolizes harmony and sensuality. It is indicated in refined, sought-after environments and clean design with self-confident homeowners and their femininity.


One of my favorites is one of the most beautiful but very rare flowers to be found by the most stocked florists. Perhaps this is why it symbolizes shyness and shame. Perfect for bohemian-style environments with homeowners who do not care to look for what they are not.


On the rose we would write for hours. Beloved by all, it is the flower of altar. Generally a symbol of love, affection and femininity based on its many colors, however, has so many meanings. Red love and passion, pink sweetness and simplicity, yellow jealousy or devotion, orange desire or friendship, white purity and sincerity. Suitable for every occasion and for every style of home design.


The symbol of life and positivity is predominantly chosen as a wish in an important period. Very used in the east is suitable for environments with gold and baroque style touches.


It speaks of strong emotions and passions but it is also a symbol of inconsequence and honesty. Beloved by lunatic but consistent and sincere people, it is ideal in environments with a single predominant style that characterizes the entire home. In essence, they make bites in chaotic homes without a single-stranded wire.

Now it’s up to you, which meaning of flowers give you more often to express your personality and that of your homes? I can not do less than tulips, roses, lavender and peonies when I find it. ;)

Meaning of flowers, lavender.

Meaning of flowers, peony.

Significato dei fiori, le rose.

Meaning of flowers, tulips.

Credits: Images found on Pinterest and viewable on the “Flowers” board.

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