Christmas is how you choose to live it

by fashionsnobber

Christmas is
Yeah, What is Christmas? First of all it is a Christian holiday. An anniversary that arrives on time every year on 25 December. For religious it is the birth of Jesus Christ. For children, the arrival of Santa Claus and the charm still believe in magic, in that anything can happen in one night.

And for me?
For me Christmas is the family and how we decide to live it.

Christmas is peace, love and endless joy if you want it

As with all things there are those who hate him, who loves him and who inflates. Despite everything, however it remains a festive time that is good for the heart.
Technically at Christmas we all become slightly good. It feels like that smile more, indeed, often it requires its own. You feel like cuddling and warmth, closeness with the people most dear to us, and, let’s face it, even large bellyfuls. What then for the diet there is always time for a Monday who knows what next week.
Christmas is pandoro or panettone, gifts, lights, decorated trees, houses dressed up and stay up late playing bingo. Christmas is a world that sends his greetings, all this and much more. It ‘a mood along a month that should last a lifetime. How we live it totally depends on us. We choose whether to believe or not to his magic. If you leave us infected by this air of celebration and good intentions or incupirci and turn us into a Grinch.

Christmas is and must bring serenity

So Merry Christmas to you all is, but loads of great serenity. I think this is the thing to wish more and more important. Serenity, that feeling that we would all like to hear 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. I know, maybe it seems trivial as a wish but not being able to give something concrete that can help you ensure you serenity I do it with my words written here. Addressed to anyone lose those 3 minutes read. Greater peace of mind for everyone because if you do not think about life with its unexpected swirls and Karma spiteful then I will try. I hope not only for the Christmas Day but for all the new days to come. Accompanied by many smiles, and why not, even by a few pounds extra that never hurts. That your enemies become friends. That dreams come true. That hope never be extinguished and that a better world of peace, joy, love, meritocracy and fairness can really be achieved. On a night when anything can happen crediamoci just a little ‘more. We wink at life and at this time of year. Who knows, maybe even.

Natale è...Tanti auguri da Fashion Snobber - Christmas is...Best wishes from Fashion Snobber.

Merry Christmas from your Snobber and so much serenity as not knowing where to put it. Mhuà!

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