Milan and Turin compared: 145 km of pure personality

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Milan and Turin, about 145 km away. On the one hand my hometown and on the other a neighbor, the first capital of Italy and symbol of the Risorgimento. Two of the most populated and largest capitals of our country, which according to a ranking of 2017, drawn up by the Bolognese research center Nomisma, stand out as the two main Italian cities for attractiveness and competitiveness. But how much do they have in common? The relationship between these two realities has never been idyllic, over the centuries there have been few contacts between western Piedmont and Lombardy, probably more because of preconceptions and legends on two adjacent lands that, perhaps, have only been little known and frequented.

Milan and Turin compared in 10 attractions

According to the common imagination, Milan is the city where the sense of business and commerce triumphs as well as being a symbol for fashion. You decide things quickly and don’t get lost in a glass of water because time is money. The Milanese are hasty, essential, outgoing and full of themselves in always doing things big and often taking risks.
On the contrary, Turin is par excellence a working-class and melancholy city that focuses heavily on culture and art. The Turinese do not think about making money but about doing things. They are reserved, courteous, thrifty and have a great sense of duty, but little humor.
Milan and Turin do not traditionally love each other very much, but in my opinion they are complementary. Of course, clichés summarize everything with the fashionable, pragmatic and hard-working Milanese while “turineis fals e cortes“. We do not know how true this is but one thing is certain, nicely comparing the main attractions of both cities are perhaps more similar than you think, they simply have two great and distinct personalities.

Barbajada VS Bicerin

Barbajada milanese VS Bicerin torinese.

La Barbajada is a hot Milanese drink made of chocolate, milk, sugar and coffee that is almost in disuse. Bicerin is a typical Turin hot drink made of chocolate, milk cream and coffee that is still very much in use.

Milan Cathedral VS Mole Antonelliana

Milan and Turin compared.

Milan Cathedral is the symbol of the Lombard capital located in the center of the city. Conversely, the Mole Antonelliana is the symbol of the Piedmontese capital located in the center of the metropolis. Do Milan and Turin still seem so different?

Milan Fashion Week VS International Book Fair

Milan fashion week VS Turin International Book Fair.

Milan Fashion Week is the most important fashion event in the city while for Turin it is the International Book Fair.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II VS Via Garibaldi

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Milano VS Via Garibaldi Torino.

The first is a Milanese shopping mall built in the Neo-Renaissance style and often considered as one of the first shopping centers in the world (Is the mania of grandeur of the Milanese present? Ecco). The second is one of the main commercial streets of the historic center of Turin and surrounded by eighteenth-century palaces it is the second longest European street.

Royal Palace VS Palazzina delle Belle Arti

Palazzo Reale a Milano e Palazzina delle belle Arti di Torino come migliori sedi per mostre ed esposizioni.

Both buildings are the most important venues for the best exhibitions and exhibitions in Milan and Turin.

Panettone VS Gianduiotto

Panettone e Gianduiotto sono i dolci più famosi di Milano e Torino.

Panettone and Gianduiotto are the most famous local desserts of Milan and Turin respectively.

Central Station VS Porta Nuova Station

Stazioni centrali dei treni di Milano e Torino.

The main railway central stations of both cities.

Torre Velasca VS Torre Littoria

Torre Velasca e Torre Littoria.

Torre Velasca is a 26-story Milanese historic skyscraper with shops and private apartments. The Torre Littoria is instead the first tallest residential building in Turin.

Last Supper VS Holy Shroud

Milan and Turin compared in 10 attractions.

The parietal fresco by Leonardo da Vinci in Milan is the most famous representation of Jesus’ Last Supper. The Holy Shroud is a linen sheet, kept in the Cathedral of Turin, in which the shape of a man bearing signs would be visible very similar to those inflicted in the passion of Christ. For the religious it could be the sheet with which Jesus would have been wrapped in the sepulcher.

Via Spiga VS Via Lagrange

Via Spiga e Via Lagrange per lo shopping di lusso.

They are the most famous luxury shopping streets of both cities.

Now tell me, after this confrontation between Milan and Turin, on which side would you travel the most?

145 km of space to be discovered

Both capitals have so many other attractions that we could compare surprisingly even more with how beautiful there is in their diversity. To easily cover these hundreds of kilometers the most convenient and fastest way in which quality and comfort are tailored to our needs is without a doubt the High Speed train. Italo, for example, offers several Milan Turin train solutions that allow us to travel between these two cities in just 60 minutes. Whether for business, for an event, for a cultural visit or simply for a day of shopping and entertainment, Milan and Turin are all waiting for us to live and discover.

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