My Milan fashion week: runway shows and presentations F/W 2017/18

by fashionsnobber

On my blog I do not like to talk too much in advance of the runway shows and presentations for fall winter 2017/18. I would not want you to do too much confusion between what is present and what the future holds. But, participating in the Milan fashion week I can not tell you about it for the time you will. So I’m here to make you a brief account of what I saw during the just ended fashion week in Milan.

For the detailed items of each brand, I refer you to Glamour Affair, the online magazine for which I write and where you can read more specifically what I mention in this post. If you want to see the video of the parade end I refer you to my profile Instagram.

My Milan fashion week: runway shows and presentations fall winter 2017/18

Runway showa fall winter 2017/18

In chronological order of event with a selection of three looks from the catwalk that I preferred my taste of each brand.


Grinko fall winter 2017-18.

A collection that launches an important message and extremely topical. To teach us to overcome any prejudice traditionalist family. From the choice of a faithful reproduction prints of the first ultrasound fashion designer daughters and his companion to the parade together with the two children in her arms. Inevitable punk touches with typical Victorian recalls Grinko albeit matched with natural yarns and cuts much more tailored than usual.

Angelo Marani

Angelo Marani fall winter 2017-18.

An event that I perceived as a sweet gift from Julia daughter to a father who died recently. I definitely touched the final part where individual velvet embroidered letters on garments, marching one after the other, they have formed the phrase “Angelo Marani Forever”. For most it was just a collection characterized by patchwork and dall’animalier, but for me it really represented the great “Heart Quotes.” Just like narrates the theme of the parade.

Kristina Ti

Kristina Ti fall winter 2017-18.

Kristina Ti in this collection tells the story of a swan. Full of colorful feathers who loves nature, swim and fly above. It thus presents a swan woman in technicolor. Capable of interpreting and experimenting with double heads and passe-partout. A modern woman who does not give up, however, touches of classic pieces from the perfect tailoring. Like the rose-colored coats and Tiffany I fell in love instantly.


Maryling fall winter 2017-18.

For those who love or looking for a sophisticated femininity and timeless this brand ready to wear high-level is the right choice. There is no leader who would not wear, or has not seen really chic and classy as I mean. clean lines but at the same time contemporary have literally conquered me. The parade of Maryling for me was absolute perfection from beginning to end.

Luisa Beccaria

Luisa Beccaria fall winter 2017-18.

Impossible not to love the creations of Luisa Beccaria. Anyone make you dream and have the right to bring in a fairytale worlds. As in this collection of Il Bosco Enchanter. The neo-romantic style is made more contemporary without losing its natural poetry. From evening gowns to those for the day any woman who chooses to wear them become able to enchant anyone. pure elegance for a woman who becomes impossible to say no.

Daniela Gregis

Daniela Gregis fall winter 2017-18.

An original show, anticonvezionale and especially optimistic about the future. So I played the last of Daniela Gregis collection. A brand that can be mostly appreciated by those who go beyond the fashion system but that has much to teach us and especially to send. With an allure a bit ‘bohemian and leaders of impeccable tailoring I found each look capable of standing out without losing elegance. Which, let’s face it, it has become almost a rarity.


Trussardi fall winter 2017-18.

Like every time Trussardi it never disappoints. In this collection for next autumn-winter season 2017/18 the past and the present merge. Leaders icon that made the history of the brand become current in a revised role. Impossible not to note the skill with which the skin is treated impeccably. A line that would wear with closed eyes, chic and contemporary as I like. Finally how not to name their new bag icon. The Lovy Bag model Cacciatora on average and mini version. That’s right, it will be my next purchase.

Presentations fall winter 2017/18

Roberto Cavalli

 Roberto Cavalli collection fall winter 2017-18.

 Roberto Cavalli collection fall winter 2017-18.

A surprise not to see the catwalk a big brand like Roberto Cavalli. It was true that there are rumors it would be a great loss for Italian fashion. That said his last collection for next autumn-winter season 2017/18 is a hymn to the encounter between man and nature. Inevitable its typical animal touches but this time give way to fabulous craftsmanship that have made them so dimensional that it seems to come alive. A line purely evening speaking without a doubt the sartorial history of the Maison. We just hope to see him again soon on the catwalk.


Casadei collection fall winter 2017-18.

Casadei collection autunno inverno 2017-18.

The latest collection of Casadei shoes can be summed up in three inspirations and a new partnership. The mini-maxi given by clean lines embellished with jewels details. The dark atmosphere that see black skin outline an authoritative and modern look. The Italian Alps each Reversible instead make the shoe with layering and winter typical materials such as fur, sheepskin and suede. Finally cooperation with Lena Perminova for a capsule collection to travel test. Five shoes always carry around to be perfect in every occasion that may arise out of town.


Curiel haute couture Atelier.

A name that is a certainty in terms of haute couture. Curiel opened his first Atelier of high fashion in Milan. And ‘in via Montenapoleone No.13 that 200mq, developed on two levels, will take form and will house the collections of this historic brand. Unique for its sartorial savoir-faire for four generations. On display are the most famous creations with a succession of models instead present the latest collection Very Curiel Couture Spring Summer 2017 of historical atelier techniques are rendered to look forward to redefining contemporary elegance of today. Smile because the younger generation is possible. And because the tastes are so many but good taste is only one, the Curiel family knows what.

And this is all. My last Milan fashion week also ends. I hope the runway shows and presentations I attended you liked.

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Fashionably Idu 09.03.2017 - 22:29

IIncredibly beautiful collections. I love the color of the Curiel pieces.


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