Mini dress and cardigan outfit to play with a drone

by fashionsnobber

We are almost at the end of autumn, winter is knocking on doors but fortunately here in Tuscany we still don’t feel that pungent cold that leads you to wear heavier looks. Afternoon free to spend with husband and son and what better time to wear a mini dress and cardigan outfit? In theory, no one, if only the brilliant idea of playing with a drone in the middle of the fields came to mind…

How to have fun playing with a drone

If you don’t have a drone you can’t have fun feeding your Peter Pan syndrome. By now they can be found everywhere and it becomes difficult to resist the curiosity of trying to play with a model for everyone. Small or large, with or without a built-in camera. Shaped like a UFO, a robot or a helicopter, and even a tank and a Lamborghini. In short, for all tastes and needs. So here I am, with my mini dress and cardigan outfit absolutely out of place, playing with one of the latest technological amusements. A large model with a built-in camera and UFO shape despite me looking more like a flower. But we know that women tend to aggravate everything.

Come giocare con un drone.

After a thousand ups and downs I managed to put it in the air more or less decently with expressions like a real stupid, amazed and concentrated to avoid dropping it. Then what could happen except that the drone ended up on a tree somewhere? I started looking for him everywhere in the middle of a wood of holm oaks hoping to find him again soon and above all intact otherwise husband then who heard him since he was already beginning to mumble.
How did it end? Fortunately, the drone was still intact and I was able to recover it quite easily. Husband didn’t get angry and I’ll be able to play with it again. Maybe without telling him. ;)

Come divertirsi con un drone.

Come divertirsi con un drone.

Mini dress and oversize cardigan outfit

Outfit cardigan e mini dress - Mini dress and cardigan outfit.

Recently I had already talked about how to wear the cardigan during the mid-seasons but since lately I can’t do without wearing different ones to replace the outerwear is also present in today’s look. Without giving too much away, for this adventure in mini dress and cardigan outfit, I chose an oversize brown wool cardigan and a white mini dress sweater, both by Stefanel. As accessories, Miss Sixty suede boots with internal wedge, Love Moschino shopper bag and a borsalino hat by Christys ’London.

Outfit cardigan oversize e mini dress - Mini dress and oversize cardigan outfit.

Outfit cardigan e mini dress - Mini dress and cardigan outfit.

Outfit cappello borsalino.

Dettagli outfit autunnale.

With the mini dress and cardigan outfit and today’s, we’re done, I hope you enjoyed it and as always renew the appointment for the next look.

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Rita Talks 24.12.2015 - 15:44

voglio anche io un drone. ahah. questo vestitino ti dona. buone feste un bacio e alla prossima xoxo rita talks


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