Motivi and the collection Made on Me

by fashionsnobber

The other day I went for a ride to the shops and when I passed in front of Motivi I saw a lot of iconographic images associated with certain outfits. I became curious and entering I discovered a delightful collection and worthwhile initiative.

Motivi and your ideal shape

For some time that the net I’ve seen and heard a lot about fruit or geometric shapes to describe our body and learn how to figure out what to wear for valorizzarci, but, frankly, I had never understood anything and call myself a pear rather than apple or a triangle is not that I have inspired a lot. Motivi instead decided to call ourselves in a much cooler way using the names Perla, Sirena and Diamond. Definitely the most beautiful and tempting than a fruit or a cold geometric shape and obvious. Already when I taught to draw the sketches university made me go through the geometric shapes and I finished with sognarmele night, let alone want to hear about it when I’m going to learn to make a conscious shopping for my physical.

Discover your ideal shape of Motivi

Find out what your shape is easy, just go to one of the many shops of the brand around Italy where you will find the appropriate app, or you can go here and do the same from the PC. Just answer three simple questions fast and very nice graphically.
I to all of the fair I found to be a diamond. Sure, but I think I could be anything! A snob like me just what could be right?
Honestly I would never have said, I have my own way of seeing me physically and apparently does not correspond to the truth. It is not good. Damn.
Once you discover your shape just head to the department dedicated to it and you can do what you feel safer shopping or will buy because it’s just what you’re good and enhances your strengths hiding defects. In practice Reasons you go without fail, and halving the time in finding the right garment for us.

Motivi and Made on Me collection

To me this initiative loved it and since that day I was in a hurry to stop and try something, as soon as I had two minutes I went on the official website of the brand and I have chosen this pink jersey dress has a classic cut to A thought just for my shape diamond. I loved both the color and the texture pique. With a jacket it is immediately stylish while a Gubbino biker, for example, immediately makes street style. Very versatile in terms of how we want to exploit it.

Abito Motivi Made on Me collection.

Quoting. “Motivi looks to women in a new way and presents Made On Me: Now you can choose not only according to the style, but also according to your body. The collection Made On Me interprets the latest trends in three different shape that enhance and emphasize the uniqueness of every woman, even your own.” And you know what I say? It ‘s true. :) Here I have selected some article of the collection for each of the three shape.


motivi diamante

Short trench with zip € 99.50. Georgette dress with pleated part € 79.95. Mini skirt with pleats € 49.95. Peg Pants € 59.95. Top bicolor € 49.95.


motivi perla

Jacquard coat € 89.95. Dress with draping € 39.00. Mini skirt-pants striped € 59.95. Crepe trousers in fluid € 69.95. Tunica insert behind € 49.95.


Made on me sirena

Double breasted trench coat € 69.95. Dress V-neck € 59.95. Sheath skirt with pockets € 39.95. Skinny printed € 69.95. Top in printed georgette € 49.95.

To all, I was looking splendid line of Me & My T-shirt more and Motivi. To 19.95 € all of which I have selected these four really delicious.

motivi t-shirt

You have discovered what is your shape? What do you think of this collection and the initiative?

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