My Milan Fashion Week: presentations and cocktails

by fashionsnobber

After having spoken of the fashion show it is time to tell presentations and cocktails parties that have most impressed me during the Milan Fashion Week just ended. A quick guide to show you the news for some nice brands that maybe you do not know.

My Milan Fashion Week: presentations and cocktails


Burberry cocktail party Milan Fashion Week.

First presentation with attached inevitable cocktail parties has been to Burberry in their eponymous store on Via Monte Napoleone in honor of the new collection autumn winter 2016-17 views on the catwalk in London.
Between a cocktails and another and one street food and the other the beautiful and sweet Elies (from which I recommend you go for shopping or make you put makeup) made me fall in love with every single item. From their The Patchwork Bag in super limited edition, in fact, it was produced only 65 in the world, the last hues of red created for their famous trench. Because you know that the trench coat Burberry and Burberry only true? Without detracting from the very soft scarves and the new make-up line with the limited edition version of the glitter My Burberry fragrance rich inside. I think I was hours playing with it in his hand like a snowball. Eventually I also did some shopping but you will see it soon and last thing that I go crazy Burberry is their increasing ability to ologrammare customizing with our increasingly initial articles. In short, this brand all know him well and we know what he is capable, we can not disappoint.

Luisa Tratzi

Luisa Tratzi Milan Fashion Week presentation collection fall winter 2016-17.

As for the shoes, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the inspiration and the originality of the beautiful designer Luisa Tratzi for the autumn winter 2016-17 collection. Very comfortable shoes and a lightness almost unthought rich detail with super fashion heels able to fall in love with every woman. We just have to wait for a men’s line and I am sure the sweet stylist will give us. A brand Made in Italy we hear a lot about, and already available in several Italian stores. No, but that heel wedge effect we want to talk? Could I stand on it all day. The dream of every woman who does not want to give up. Luisa is a genius and knows how to satisfy the demands of the most capricious woman.

Raffaela D’Angelo

Raffaela D'Angelo Milan Fashion Week presentation collection fall winter 2016-17.

Brand hitherto known since 2006 for its collections of luxury beachwear debuted at Milan Fashion Week with her first collection ready-to-wear autumn-winter 2016/2017.
Raffaela D’Angelo, is distinguished by the constant use of its embroidery Made in Italy and clear symbol of Italian quell’artigianalità that we should never lose. A clothing line for the dynamic women who do not want to give up romantic details like flowers, lace and embroidery that can enhance their femininity. A total white Impeccable before moving black all’intramontabile that all we love and find themselves in geometric multicolor prints with cuts by the calls 70s. A fresh collection, young but at the same time able to satisfy all ages. Wearable on several occasions to make us always feel at ease. Raffaela knows what we need and with his contagious joy and passion we just have to love it.


Borsalino Milan Fashion Week presentation collection fall winter 2016-17.

Borsalino is inspired by Noir for its autumn winter collection 2016-17 where colors like black, gray and blue in their various shades are company with bright colors such as red and cream. They will be performed on the cylinder, the bowler hat and a dressage 1800, must models of this known manufacturer of hats. Another new feature of note will be the Urban collection created in collaboration with Slam Jam (for those not familiar is una’azienda Italian clothing founded at the end of ‘900 that deals with the distribution, retail and production) in which the classic Borsalino is interpreted without walls, replaced the cross bar with the same hue of the hat, while the bucket and baseball will be proposed in velvet.
Borsalino as the most chic heads of the world, and your what to expect?


RODO Milan Fashion Week presentation collection fall winter 2016-17.

Speaking of bags, however, RODO celebrates its first 60 years, giving a new look to the 60-16 Celebration Bag, one of his most popular bags which is enriched with various patterns such as camouflage and leather weave which manages to fit perfectly tradition and innovation. The collection autumn winter 2016-17 sees the color as the protagonist of the season in which the blue powder blue, burgundy and brown are the exalting hosts with bright contrasts data from the yellow, green and red as if to give the shine precious stones to these captive accessories.
Personally I could not help but fall in love with their clutch Trésor and its many variants. They would be to have all wear one for each day of the week.

Milano Fashion Week and friends.

Finally there was the unmissable cocktails party routine by Dolce & Gabbana but as I had already anticipated this fashion week me have lived more for people than anything else, then I realized only now that you have not even done a photo event but some selfies with friends colleagues during and after with adjoining relaxation breaks or dinners of sushi at will. What I say or not I have been able to find in the mass of the true big beautiful people that in addition to content in their blogs also have a brain, a heart and values not to step on. Of course, those who live in envy of this we can not get there, but there are those who can, and we can, therefore, thanks to the fashion week for these gifts.

At this point I just have to make a little sacrifice to be much more professional and presentable in September. I solemnly promise that I’ll put commitment. ;)

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