Milan Fashion Week: Simonetta Ravizza, Curiel, Trussardi

by fashionsnobber

The fashion week is now over. For me, the second I have been participating in since I started the blog and as always has been full of good moments. Presentations, fashion shows, discoveries and confirmations.
This time I decided not to go crazy by wandering from one side to the other and from one event to another. I took it easy and lived my Milan fashion week going where I knew I would be thrilled. Let’s say that as a good “Snobber” in practice I just snubbed almost everything. A bit for the bad weather. A little bit because I preferred to live the people I met. And a little bit because it just went like this. So no outfits to show you but only fashion shows, presentations and events that I like to talk about. Today I start with the fashion shows. A decidedly mouth-watering trio for my thirst for fashion that is never out of time and perfect for everyone. Timeless as I like it.

My Milan Fashion Week: Simonetta Ravizza, Curiel and Trussardi fashion show

Simonetta Ravizza

Simonetta Ravizza fashion show, fall winter 2016-17.

The first event I attended during the Milan fashion week was the Simonetta Ravizza fashion show. We all agree on eco fur, we prefer them without a shadow of a doubt. But we are also talking about high fashion and we know how big brands make use of real fur in their proposals.
The Simonetta Ravizza autumn winter 2016-17 collection presents us with a chic woman. From the timeless and confident class capable of wearing a luxury garment like a fur, combining it with a more casual outfit, albeit always very classy. Able to give that extra touch with accessories enhanced not only for their originality but also for their uniqueness of unique pieces. In fact, each bag is never the same and they are all strictly hand-made. La Ravizza gives us a modern and contemporary collection. Created ad hoc without ever losing the history and workmanship of its must-have garments that have made this brand important. Impossible not to fall in love with those beautiful polka dots and the houndstooth artfully recreated not to mention the belt knotted at the waist to form a bow.

Simonetta Ravizza fashion show, Milan fashion week, fall winter 2016-17.

Curiel Couture

Curiel Couture spring summer 2016 live show.

The second event of my Milan fashion week was the presentation parade of the Curiel Couture spring summer 2016 collection seen on the catwalk last January at Altaroma 2016. The name already says it all “My Garden” in fact leaves little imagination on the subject treated but once you have seen all the items in the collection parading in front of you, you can’t help but dream. It really seems that the flowers of our gardens have come to life transforming themselves into graceful dresses that can make anyone wearing them feminine and beautiful. This is exactly what I always expect from Raffaella and Gigliola, a talent that flows innately in their blood and able to make me realize in each of their new collections how much I do not like to follow fashions but how much I want the immortality of a garment in its timelessness both tailoring and lines. And the Curiel ladies in this are never wrong. Who knows if an event will happen that will make me wear one of their magical evening dresses.

Curiel Couture fashion show spring summer 2016.


Trussardi show, collection fall winter 2016-17.

Finally, to end my Milan fashion week in style, I attended the Trussardi fashion show. An autumn-winter 2016-17 collection with very evident 70s references but reinterpreted and revisited in a decidedly modern key without ever losing the unmistakable style of the homonymous family. A mixture of country, folk and even male references if we want for a woman with a metropolitan style who would never give up on class. The real one, made of clothes that can be worn by anyone on various occasions. No vulgarity, but charm and magnetism even when wearing the most common cut sweater. I loved every look, every coat, every cape and fluttering skirt combined with casual sweaters. I would dress like this every day without any problem and as you know it is precisely this that makes us say with immense joy how valid a collection and a brand are. This is creating clothes that can enhance a woman, this is making fashion and being fashion.

Trussardi fashion show, Milan fashion week, collection fall winter 2016-17.

Ps. The photos taken by me were very bad so I took advantage of the opportunity to find on the net those of professionals able to honor these collections much better.

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