Marine 1988 luxury handbags, new collection by Sapaf Atelier

by fashionsnobber

How much do I love Made in Italy now everyone knows it. Perhaps it is not yet clear enough how totally in love with the Italian brand Sapaf Atelier 1954. I will never tire of telling you about and telling you about their iconic luxury bags. I find myself very much, not only in the products made, but also in the philosophy and values that encompass all their work and the image of the brand. That’s why today I want to present you a preview of a piece of their new collection of luxury handbags Marine 1988 spring summer 2019.

Marine 1988 luxury handbags by Sapaf Atelier 1954

Presented in world premiere in Japan last July, the collection of luxury handbags Marine 1988 was born as a revisitation of the homonymous line of sea bags launched in the 80s. To celebrate its thirtieth birthday and the enormous success of all these years, 6 iconic models are presented again. In a modern, colorful and youthful way. In natural materials such as cotton and rope, with leather details and all characterized by a central embroidery with a marine motif. Contemporary design and with those typical Florentine details. Each bag and backpack in this collection is entirely handmade and handcrafted in the Sapaf Atelier laboratory in Scandicci. Creations that blend perfectly with the fashion trends of the moment and with the unmistakable Italian craftsmanship of this company. In short, it is no coincidence that it is the most important production district made in Italy for high-quality leather accessories.

Casual chic outfit with navy style references for a walk around the harbor

So far I have worn this bag with practically everything. It is versatile, comfortable, practical and goes well with any style that represents us. I went from purely casual looks in jeans and T-shirt to something more trendy like a pleated red skirt. For the blog, however, I thought we wanted an outfit with a classic and timeless touch in perfect Sapaf Atelier style, and letting me be inspired by the navy style appeal of the central embroidery I could not go to one of the many Tuscan marinas. The result? A casual chic look, simple and refined, in nuance and that frames my bag model, striped and in neutral tones, of the Marine 1988 luxury handbags collection.

Outfit casual chic luxury handbags Marine 1988 by Sapaf Atelier 1954.

Idea outfit casual chic navy style.

Navy style luxury handbags Marine 1988 by Sapaf Atelier 1954.

For this casual chic outfit I wore a Polo Ralph Lauren white shirt, a high-waisted skirt H&M, Tommy Hilfiger rope wedge sandals, Gucci sunglasses and Sapaf Atelier luxury handbag.

Now tell me, how do you not love this bag brand? Simple, only if you do not know it. ;)

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