New Year and traditions: not an excuse to make the dawn

by fashionsnobber

Last day of the year. We are obliged to have fun and organize. Or go to a party without realizing how often an evening born by chance and dated as I know, February 3rd for example, can become much more fun and unforgettable than this. But New Year‘s is how the world is. Choosing the most beautiful dress, skyrocketing prices, running for the funniest evening. With its thousands of lucky traditions, its final report, good intentions and a little more experience that never hurts. New Year, the last day of the year and that transition from the old to the new full of questions.

The last day of the year between history and culture

The New Year dates back to the time of the Pagans of Flanders in the 7th century. But it was Giulio Cesare, creating the Julian Calendar, who established the beginning of the new year with January 1st. Nevertheless it was not yet widespread in all areas. So to become the official date known to all as the beginning of the new year we had to wait for the Gregorian Calendar designed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. Many traditions characterize this night when all the forces, believe it or not, have the maximum power.

New Year and traditions: not just a simple excuse to make the dawn

Lentils eaten at the stroke of midnight favor abundance and wealth in the year ahead. New Year’s barrels represent the desire to remove the forces of evil and the evil spirits that manifest themselves during the moments of transition from the old to the new year. Did you know? But there are many others. Like the first person met after the stroke of midnight, which is a good omen if he is an old man or a hunchback. While it will be disgrace if you meet a child or a priest. Throwing the shards at midnight is another rite of elimination of the physical and moral evil accumulated over the past year. Eating raisins will bring a lot of money. While kissing under the mistletoe with your loved one will bring love throughout the year. Wearing red underwear during New Year’s Eve attracts all the good wishes we hope for. Eating 12 grapes and on each one expressing a wish inherent in the month of the following year (example: first grape January and I would like…, second grape February and I would like…) I always do it and I enjoy it a lot. Finally, opening the front door allows you to enter the new year. Pomegranate and grapes should not be missing on the New Year’s Eve dinner table because they bring good luck and throwing away old things as a symbol of change is also a gesture of good luck and fortune.
Well, now that you know more or less the main traditions, which ones will you no longer be able to do without?

Frasi di Capodanno: il meglio deve ancora arrivare.

Happy New Year.

Frasi Capodanno: pagina 1 di 365...

New Year greetings.

Frasi Capodanno: 12 nuovi capitoli, 365 nuove possibilità.

New Year selfie.

And on this day when we celebrate New Year’s Eve, all I have to do is make you many wishes for a Happy New Year. When banning the good intentions and we are what we are, that’s fine.
Or not?

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