Dear companies (PR and press offices) I write

by fashionsnobber

Dear companies,
I’m not a influencer. I’m not a VIP. In practice are none. I am an ordinary independent blogger who writes for the sheer hell of it. In my spare time I might add. No great expectations. Without fear of appearing for who I am. I just like to tell the truth about what I think about 360°. Without filters. Without compromises. Trying to stay as consistent as possible. And ‘what they expect readers, it is what characterizes me and I have started a blog to pull out of money at the expense of my ideals.

Open letter to the companies (PR and press offices)

I write like this, funny and meaningless, just to try to explain a few things.
When I accept a sponsorship in the blog it is because the product or know him already and I like it or I see the potential if it is new. And ‘inherent in my lifestyle and my passions. If I refuse I would rather to be respected my choice without subsequent email in which also came to be angry peeved. I do not work for you, they are not obliged to accept any.

When I receive a collaboration I expect professionalism

As indeed ye to expect from me. I expect really know who write or otherwise have any idea of the person to whom you are addressing. Too bad this happen once in 100. I have an Internet place where I talk mostly about fashion, it is true, but of a certain style of fashion, and I think it is very clear. I love technology and everything that is related to the Internet and accessories. I do not follow any fashion with the latest trends. I’m not a girl in search of an identity. Never wear the preposterous plateau, shorts with seating outside or slides out of place. I have a certain and as such must be respected. Just read a few lines to understand that no, do not put myself either naked or in poses succinct. If anything, I do not be silly on purpose. Just as I start to promote food. I hate cooking, are denied and offer me cookies, candies or various foodstuffs as well as out of place makes me think you do not know a damn what I mean.

Dear companies I “work” so

My every article written personally by me. And ‘proof idiot not to notice. Ask me for a copy paste of press releases or articles written by anyone already starting makes you once again an email sent at random. I ask for a cost and what guarantee. I reply that I write not less than 300 words, with good SEO, social sharing, where possible photos taken by me and for a minimum of three years will not close the blog leaving the indexed article perfectly. I always feel positively surprised. I also know that shoot hundreds of euro to drop a line. Sorry, it seems to me ridiculous to give me 500 Euros and passes for 300 words (when writing). I’m sorry, I respect, I do not love the teasing and the lies. We know very well what it takes to write an article on a topic already established. So maybe you wrong giving them blindly creating gradients. In this, sorry again, I understand very well the professional journalists reluctant towards this sector. I just inform you that for a whole article about a major news organization are given from 75.00 to 150.00 € maximum.

And this triggered the classic statement of the bloggers to clean conscience last shot much higher:

“A blogger sells his web space regardless article!”

True. But in fact there is not a unique price list for a web space like this. Somewhere one has to take a cue. And being similar to a work by journalists do not see why not rebuild from there. Also this writer does not have the guarantee of visits to the blog. Most of the time are given numbers at random and invented Media Kit. For those in the know we know that 50.000 monthly visits may not correspond to 10,000 individual users no? If they bring about 20.000 visits already about 10,000… Provided not you turn your blog on your own is clear… (Yeah, I know more than you think.)

Instagram and social networks, real influencer or fissured companies?

On social thing to tell you? For Instagram also paid good money there flowers for a photo taken in two seconds. Which of course it is already over after 3 hours on the back burner. But heck, that profile has millions of followers and passes! That is, you see the world! Eh no. Have you ever checked if those numbers are true? Just click on a specific site (eg. Le Guide Noir) to see peaks of 30.000 followers within an hour. Or simply slide your finger in the “followers” list for an account. Open someone at random and see how fake. But to you it’s okay. And God forbid. The money is yours, free to throw them as you see fit. But in the end I do not know where they are more marketing agencies that will tease you, or you Boccalon we believe. Personally, I strongly get angry if I spend convinced of one thing and then actually I pay nothing. But the world is beautiful because various. Italy is the country of corruption, the teasing and less meritocratic ever. Of course it is because at the top there are incompetents who do not control, do not inform and trust to chance.

Dear companies each influencer has a price

As it should be. Every blogger has a price. It not intended as a figure but more as a compromise that down. Each of us is free to choose always and in any case the image you want to give. Take the shortest route, easier and more consistent with itself. Many times they asked me what my money in case you want to work harder. And I know that everything is in a reach 38 and undress. So I finally decided to do it. And now I have a question for you. Since I sold, I approved and I put naked and legs spread publicly my followers will increase? Will I be contacted by you with the right interest?

Lettera alle aziende. Fashion Snobber si mette nuda come Belen - Letter to companies. Fashion Snobber naked as Belen.

Fashion Snobber nuda intimo Chiara Ferragni - Fashion Snobber naked lingerie Chiara Ferragni.

Fashion Snobber Sailor Moon nuda sedere Chiara Ferragni - Fashion Snobber Sailor Moon naked ass Chiara Ferragni.

Dear companies, why write?

Because if anyone would deign to read this my another rant. This my useless letter that will not change the world. I would like at least to the next email know what to offer me, and ye do I waste time in polite diplomatic responses and in which I have in quotes to understand that your request is unacceptable as well as out of place for the blog in question. Because if prestaste more attention to details and blog with perhaps attached to work better blogger than you would stop controversies that go on for years and are boring, sad and not lead to anything. Perhaps because those who mind would cease to do so and it would be more honest.
Thanks for your kind attention, I hereby take this opportunity to greet

Luna Camisa

Phone: +39 334 8.. ….
Social: @fashionsnobber

Credits: Thank Belen Rodriguez and Chiara Ferragni for giving kindly lent their physical millionaires synonymous with guaranteed work. Bon for you and if you forward a Chanel 2.55 regalatemela please!

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Idu Emeziem 09.11.2016 - 21:02

Very articulate article. Very true too. Great read.


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