Original Marines and COTTON USA still together

by fashionsnobber

Original Marines again this year his collaboration with the COTTON USA brand, international brand created to promote the best products created with the american cotton. A fabric not only characterized by its softness, strength and respect for nature but also able to maintain the bright colors without losing after a long time fit. A dream for us moms who want and always claim and only the best for our children.

Original Marines and COTTON USA together for children

Original Marines as we know, year after year keeps an excellent eye for our children and works hard to offer us the best of the best with its high quality products. Its original design and adored by all garments perfectly marry the #COTTONUSA certified cotton. For this new campaign they give us, in addition to a partnership to which we mothers are already very fond of a video capable of making us relate to the world with the eyes of when we were children. Because we all have been and often we just need to remember it. That’s why I chose #originalcotton, why me #LoveMyCotton and you?

Purity of COTTON USA in a video to be seen

Growing up you lose that particular way of seeing things and knowing how to make them ours spontaneously. By becoming a mother, however, I realized how often my son takes me back to observe the world from another angle and perspective. Just like kids do in this video. Not knowing cotton, they simply see it as a cloud, whipped cream or snow in which to throw themselves to play. They use the imagination to give themselves all the answers and I find it one of those things from which we will never stop learning. What then, perhaps, cotton is not really a cloud, whipped cream and snow? For me it is, and for you instead? Forget for a moment the actual knowledge learned in books, at school or throughout life and see it with the eyes of when you were little. From when the world was still colorful and full of fantasy to our eyes just like the Original Marines garments with their thousand adventures to be experienced. What would you have answered in front of a small harmless cotton flower? Watch the video and let me know, I’m curious to know where your imagination has led you.

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