Autumn outfit: what to wear to be casual but chic

by fashionsnobber

Autumn with its colors, its trends of the moment and its atmospheres. His strange days, the wind that ruffles his hair and his first cold. Autumn in Tuscany. Country village and countryside. So much countryside that sometimes seems to me too much. We need an autumn outfit, possibly casual but chic and absolutely never out of fashion.

Autumnal look, casual but chic

Before going on to tell my proposal for a casual but chic autumn outfit I decide to walk a little along the country roads. I take shelter behind a wall during the cold gusts of wind and in the meantime I curse myself having to do these post-outfits when I’d be better off backstage simply by writing. Yes, because basically I feel more bloggers than fashion and despite fashion being my predominant topic is not that you really love posing for me and getting photographed. Sometimes I think I need a model so I can dress her as I want. Probably a better result would come out, closer to what I have in mind.
But no, you can’t, readers prefer to see who writes as they dress. They want to know who is on the other side behind a monitor. To trust more I believe, and then excuse me if this comes out. If I’m not in perfect poses, I have a crooked face and a thousand strange expressions. I say it and I repeat often, I am not a model, I do not want to have the presumption of being it or feel it. I am a normal woman, with a normal life, who lives in a place that is often boring but normal and I try to color my days like this. With a blog, talking about fashion and my idea of ​​fashion. Because we are not necessarily always all in “gingheri” and 12 heels. In everyday life, let’s face it, let’s face our autumn outfits spontaneously with a casual, practical and comfortable look. Maybe a timeless classic that has made the history of fashion and English style.

Autumn outfit: trench coat, tartan and yellow for a preppy look with a typically English style

Look preppy: trench, tartan, giallo e verde.

They say that no-one uses total looks. Then I take the responsibility of doing “bastian contrary” and here it is, an autumn outfit in preppy style, Ralph Lauren total look from head to toe. Trench coat, yellow pullover, green polo shirt, tartan trousers and ballet flats to recall a perfect English style. Without renouncing the seasonal trends that see the yellow and tartan pattern depopulated.
In the end I stop, sit on a fence, look around, savoring all these colors and the scent of nature. Yes, I think that then, unfoundedly, it is not so bad to live here even if the city is often lacking. Fortunately I have the possibility to be able to move when I want.

Outfit autunnale stile preppy inglese - Autumn outfit preppy style.

Outfit autunno: trench, tartan e giallo per uno stile preppy americano perfetto.

Autumn outfit preppy style Fashion Snobber.

Hoping for the autumnal look of today, I liked it and was inspired for someone to renew my appointment at the next outfit.

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mcr 04.12.2015 - 14:17

Such a beautiful fall look and how lucky you get to experience this season in Tuscany! Love the classic pieces together. Timeless!

Love, Mary

Seyra 27.11.2015 - 16:27

Love the camel coat!

– Seyra x

Summer Daisy 27.11.2015 - 4:15

Gorgeous! Love the look ♥

NERISSA 26.11.2015 - 8:52

perfect trench coat. Great blog you have, stay inspired!

I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

hanna Marie 25.11.2015 - 22:09

Love the coat –Hanna Lei

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