Dandy outfit: among the cypresses that in Bolgheri …

by fashionsnobber

Tuscany, Bolgheri, cypress avenue, a little dandy style inspiration and excellent made in Italy. Take all this, shake it and here I am. Once again in the company of Sapaf Atelier and Woo Class Florence to give voice to their collections. Today interpreted with a dandy outfit consisting of basic colors and masculine-cut garments.

Cypresses of Bolgheri

It narrates the beginning of the famous poem by Giosuè Carducci:

Cypresses of Bolgheri and frank
van from San Guido in two Pilar,
almost running giant youths
They jumped me and meet me look.
They recognized me, and
-well Back omai-
Bisbigliaron ver ‘me together’ head bowed
-Why Do not you come down? Why not ristai?
It is fresh in the evening and you know the way.
Oh sit down in our shadows odorate
when the mistral blows from the sea…

And what better reason to go, leave, return or stay in this region if not the rediscovery of that unique and inimitable Tuscan Florentine craftsmanship like that of Sapaf Atelier and Woo Class Florence? Not only women’s fashion bags, not only glasses, but items and collections that make us proud to be Italian. Proud of our handmade and that refinement of excellent materials assembled with care and made unique by the details. Because if detail makes the difference and makes a creation unique, it is our craftsmanship that enhances it even more. Even when we decide to wear a dandy outfit.

Dandy outfit: in Bolgheri with Sapaf Atelier and Woo Class Florence

And as in poetry; with the wind blowing from the sea and walking under the great shadows of the centuries-old cypress trees that lead from San Guido to Bolgheri, a dandy outfit stands out. Interpreted with neutral colors such as white and gray to let attention fall precisely on accessories. On those earth-colored details symbol of naturalness. The same naturalness with which Sapaf Atelier and Woo Class manage to conquer us with their products.
Tradition and innovation undoubtedly characterize both Italian brands.
A python leather backpack with modern lines and a mini bag in smooth leather by Sapaf Atelier. Both with flap and metal front closure and gold central decoration reproducing their original design from 1954.
Finally, the wooden sunglasses and eyeglasses by Woo Class made with selected natural woods. Conceived and designed with respect for renewable resources and the responsible use of raw materials.

Outfit dandy passeggiando sul viale dei cipressi di Bolgheri.

Dandy outfit.

Zaino made in Italy Sapaf Atelier.

Outfit dandy sul viale di Bolgheri.

Zaino in pelle pitonata Sapaf Atelier.

Look dandy. Come indossare un cappotto bianco.

Per le vie di Bolgheri in Toscana.

Come indossare un cappotto bianco.

Made in Italy woman bags Sapaf Atelier.

Luxury bags made in Italy Sapaf Atelier.

For this dandy outfit proposal I wore a Benetton white coat, Polo Ralph Lauren gray cable sweater, Mango white shirt, men’s pinstripe trousers Oltre, Calzedonia rhinestone socks, oxford lace-up shoes (or derby or brogues) Calamai, hat with pom pom Filippo Catarzi and Accesorize tie. The main accessories are obviously the Sapaf Atelier backpack and mini bag and the wooden glasses of Woo Class Florence.

Occhiali in legno Woo Class e mini bag Sapaf Atelier.

From Bolgheri, one of the most characteristic Italian villages, and hoping this inspiration for a dandy outfit is enjoyed, I renew the appointment for the next post outfit.

Credits: Photos, editing and post production by Beatrice Botticelli and Leonardo Calistri.

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