Outfit: rouches shirt casual chic style

by fashionsnobber

Now you have it figured out, with my outfits post game items and take it around the classic concept seen so far in this category. It seems clear that to enhance an item of clothing does not need to pretend to be the models when you have not. I’m not, I will not be ever and I do not pretend to make you believe the opposite. But I like to talk about women’s fashion, I like to change me often and I like to share it here. I love the casual chic style and I hope to bring a smile to those who read me. Put a smile on someone’s face is one of the things that makes me happier. I’ll settle for just what you want to do.

Mom, how you dress?

In recent days I have definitely noticed how they were dressed mothers as they accompanied their children to school. Let’s face it, in this situation, give the best of themselves. They are, to say, really think they give the best but bring out the worst.
Leaving aside the women who have a working estate. There is the suit if you are a lawyer, and the like, there is the suit if you do the physical education teacher, there is anything you want if there is a plausible reason.
But if you do not have to do anything, and after 10 minutes you brought your son to kindergarten at most go to the grocery store and take the bread explain to me what you start making tons of foundation (of course, wrong color), lipstick, heel 12, groin skirt or dress ultra sexy super skinny maybe even sequins?

What to wear to accompany their children to school

Dear mothers, mothers when they bring their children to school see nothing but a liberation to relax or be able to do something. No tantrums, yelling, constant requests and the like during those hours. How are you dressed him could not care less and there is no competition in place. There is no contest that awards the coolest mom. Also because so tanned at 8 am to get you mad woke up at 6 am to prepare. I more often in the morning are so stoned and lazy as not to have absolutely no desire to get in shooting. I even happened to be gone in Tutone, make-up and perhaps even the hairpins in her hair. Ok, here it is definitely not to copy me because in my extremism I exaggerated, but there are from mom’s outfits very simple and practical to not require some kind of preparation and risulteresti a mother held without disfiguring.

Casual chic outfit idea to accompany their child to school

This is what I used today and my son said to me: “Mom today you’re really beautiful.” Try disinterested of those who still does not have dual purposes. In doing this compliment it has only confirmed the operation of a casual chic look full blown no? (If you say no to me there is terrible, and you never want to hurt a fair child?)

Casual chic outfit details.

As you see this casual chic outfit it’s very simple to implement, consists of a pair of jeans, a white shirt with ruffles and a blazer. Then the accessories; belt, bag, shoes and sunglasses.
It ‘a very comfortable and practical outfits, in fact after accompanying dribble di Sole kindergarten I turned chic shirt with ruffles country using it to get on the olive tree and knock out all the games the day before “someone” had launched there above. After I also did gardening serving me a beautiful wooden staircase, archaeological find of some peasant. Convenient is not it? Here transformed a chic shirt in country style.

Rouches shirt preppy outfit.

Blue blazer H&M, white shirt with ruffles Ralph Lauren, Levi’s jeans model Legging average life, belt taken at the Strong Market dei Marmi (the one so cool there on Wednesday), Timberland shoes Moccasin Wedges, Louis Vuitton handbag Speedy, Prada sunglasses.

Rouches shirt outfit.

Preppy casual chic outfit details.

All for today, I wait for the next outfit.

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