Outfit: casual spring in blue Levi’s 501

by fashionsnobber

We are in the spring, officially we started the summer season and we can kick off a lighter look abandoning heavy coats, scarves and bulky fabrics such as wool. I do not know why but my first spring days are always characterized by the blue. Even last year I was not able to do without this color.

Then I thought a bit ‘and I found that I like to die but never say. Out of habit, perhaps, the first color that I mention is always black followed by gray.
And if I think of blue in fashion what it is the first thing that comes to mind? The blue jeans Levi’s 501!
Yeah, them. They are a must for generations, who has never had a pair?
Brought perfect or over size according to taste characterized million look for more than a century symbolizing the rebellion. And who is more rebellious than me in this context? I mean, I’m not here to change the world of fashion blogs of course, but to break a little ‘schemes and the boxes so that you should Starmie as an icing on the cake. No?

Outfit: Casual Spring in blue Levi’s 501 with risvoltino and bag animal

I do not have to show some kind of super fashion outfits, you know that I prefer to dress as I speak, ie proposing look to everyone and anyone can wear easily.
So to inaugurate the beginning of summer my proposal is very simple, casual, classic and timeless way I like it. It will be fine this year and probably in twenty years when my son will take me his girl home and she will look like this. Twenty? Let thirty, I’m not ready for this kind of events.
The unique twist “fashion” I think I gave doing risvoltino jeans, so hated as loved, as the case I like, I admit, makes them a bit ‘longer and Capri is so beautiful season. Then the blue shoes with bow at the toe, heel off, and that’s incredible animalier bag of a different color (takes the hat logo but let’s not say to anyone). Tomorrow it snows, be warned so do not hate me too.

Outfit spring in blue. Ralph Lauren jacket, jeans Levi's 501, shoes Zara and bag Pollini.

Outfit casual in blue jeans Levi's 501.

Outfit primavera in blu - Outfit spring in blue.

A casual look in blue to usher my spring consists of jacket and cap Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger white blouse, blue jeans Levi’s 501 blue serenity Zara shoes and pink animalier print purse python effect Studio Pollini.

Outfit Ralph Lauren, Levi's e Tommy Hilfiger.

Outfit primavera casual in blu, dettagli - Outfit spring casual in blue, details.

Like? What are you saying? Can go? I wait for the next outfit! :*

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