Outfit casual: what to wear for a bike ride

by fashionsnobber

A little bit of bike is always good and as long as the season allows it I try to take advantage of it by going to take my son to the kindergarten making a nice bike ride. Following the new trends for the autumn winter it is impossible not to notice how much the yellow color this year spopoli. I like it a lot and, approving the idea of a colorful winter, I decided to take the ball immediately.

Bike ride adventure

The idea was brilliant, during the bike ride I would have consumed some calories, I would have enjoyed the September air and its first color changes in nature. Yes, ok, the bike is electric but I guarantee that I didn’t use any help pedaling for 4 + 4 km (round trip). They are not many but always better than sitting in the car.
Before leaving, as a good Fashion Snobber, I checked myself in the mirror. May I ever meet a beautiful boar who falls in love with me along the way. Mica can’t let me find myself unprepared, right? Then with a true expert on the subject I checked the tires and the chain were in place. If they weren’t, I wouldn’t have noticed either, let’s face it, so sign of the cross and go, I left. Fortunately, everything went well, a quiet and peaceful bike ride without a hitch. When she returned, she integrated with my son in the seat as happy as an Easter for this adventure.

Come vestirsi per un giro in bici.

What to wear for a bike ride.

Outfit: casual total black with touches of yellow

For my bike ride I chose a total black casual outfit with touches of yellow. Zara yellow blazer, ripped skinny tank top and belt by H&M and Lemarè internal wedge sneakers that I love above all limits in fact I have 4 different models. Do you know those manic loves for a particular article that leads you to have more than one? Here I am with this model of shoes. I find myself too well and in doubt they disappear from the face of the earth, I stocked. Finally, as accessories, I wore a pair of Nau sunglasses and a Cruciani bag with its characteristic macramé shamrocks. A slightly rock comfortable look if we want.

Cosa indossare per un giro in bici.

Bike ride outfit details.

After my bike ride and hoping it was to your liking, I can only give you an appointment at the next outfit adventure.

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celyn 15.09.2015 - 16:34

loving the yellow!!


Danielle 14.09.2015 - 15:28

Love the yellow! This looks so nice on you!



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