Outfit: snack from Tiffany in shorts & t-shirt

by fashionsnobber

I recently went on a trip to Florence. Actually, to greet a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a while and to make healthy regenerative shopping by finding time for a snack from Tiffany.

Trip to Florence for a snack from Tiffany

I arrived in town exactly for a snack hour. I thought I’d take a good Algida ice cream from the Café Zero line with Cocco Shock flavor. Refreshes and the taste of coconut is one of my favorites in any sauce I sell it. I can say that I reached the peace of mind while I sipped at my Florentine stationary stopover, which is the Tiffany & Co shop.
So instead of emulating the famous film by having breakfast, I decided to interpret it as a snack. Yes, that’s right, snack from Tiffany. Of course, I wasn’t chic and sophisticated like our Audrey Hepburn but in a classic tourist outfit but with a bit of imagination and lots of imagination, but I felt so much like her for a few seconds.

Outfit merenda da Tiffany - Snack from Tiffany outfit.

Merenda da Tiffany e shopping a Firenze - Snack from Tiffany and Florence shopping.

Come vestirsi per una gita in città.

After being paparazzata in front of a window and the other I gave myself a few minutes of relaxation whatsappando with my friends and I was caught with my finger in the nose, while I was in trance and while I was taking a selfie. Damn how hard life is like a blogger, never a moment of privacy and always immortalize you when you don’t want to. Ok ok, I’ll stop saying bullshit and continue with my outfit today.

Florence trip.

Outfit: casual style in shorts and white t-shirt

To face a day out of town and give me a snack from Tiffany, I chose to wear it a cotton shirt and shorts fancy Ralph Lauren. Yet? Be patient but it is my favorite brand. In the moment about 80% of my closet is his, I will try to change, I promise. In anticipation of many kilometers by foot very suitable and comfortable sneakers Adidas Stan Smith, a mini bags to shoulder bags Michael Kors, sunglasses OPS! and pink Swarovski bracelet.

Casual outfit details.

I hope my weekly outfit for a snack from Tiffany is liked and I look forward to the next adventure.

Ps. What did I buy from Tiffany? No, it’s not a secret, but I’ll tell you about it in a future article because I have my say about that too.

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zarrahjaneamagan 17.06.2015 - 10:42

So cool look.
I love your sneaks

Check my new post.
The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

fashionsnobber 25.06.2015 - 16:52

Thank you very much! :*

Anja 16.06.2015 - 13:39

you look great!

fashionsnobber 25.06.2015 - 16:54

Glad you liked it. :*

garagestarlets 15.06.2015 - 18:10

Very pretty! Love the sneakers!


fashionsnobber 25.06.2015 - 16:56

I love them very well these sneakers, I’m happy to be back very fashionable. :*

Swati Sharma 15.06.2015 - 17:32

loved your shorts dear….


fashionsnobber 25.06.2015 - 16:57

And they are so comfortable!


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