Trench outfit: how to wear Burberry check motif

by fashionsnobber

The traditional Burberry check motif is what inspired me in this swinging period. Period decidedly made of crossroads that I regularly ignore going straight where I would like to do anything except outfits to propose. I don’t understand the need. I firmly believe that as to how I dress I can give absolutely nothing to anyone. I am full of clothes bought this winter never shown and when I do, if I do, they will be from past collections. Let’s face it, I don’t really have anything as a standard fashion blogger. Lately then I am definitely, pass me the term, “sfavata”. Bad Tuscan way of saying but that best expresses my momentary mood and my expressions in the photos. If possible, I hope my efforts in trying to be at least credible will be appreciated.

Preppy outfit with touches of Burberry check motif

No funny story to tell. No event, much less important to share. Simply bored me walking aimlessly back and forth between the rows of vines. I kick the cut grass and then get angry because it got into my shoes and punctures my feet. Expression from slaps and the usual elephant grace that never abandon me. Here I am. It’s me. Perennially in jeans, flat shoes and shirt. Deep lover of the preppy style considered by the least fashionable but for me unquestionably always classy and never out of time. Details with Burberry check motif and go, ready to face even this mood.

Outfit trench e pantaloni rossi.

There are so many ideas on how to wear the trench coat and it could be discussed for hours. However, I would like to point out the double buttoning possibility of this Burberry trench coat. Perfect if for example we wear a nice sheath dress and heels. Not everyone is aware of it but I find it decidedly delicious and different from the usual to avoid falling into the banal effect of the Inspector Gadget with his “Op op gadget umbrella!“.

Trench outfit and red pants.

On this gloomy day and far from the pleasure of taking a few pictures, I wore a white shirt and red jeans Polo Ralph Lauren, trench coat, ballet flats and sunglasses with Burberry check motif details. Finally I tried to sweeten it all with a Love Moschino bag.

Outfit dettagli motivo check Burberry.

Motivo check Burberry - Burberry check motif.

Wishing this inspiration of preppy look with Burberry check motif details, I enjoyed renewing the appointment for the next outfit idea.

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