Outfit: culotte pants yes or not?

by fashionsnobber

Culotte pants, among discordant controversy come almost overwhelmingly in seasonal trend for two years now. Like it or not they see them anywhere and worn in many different ways. Of different lengths but still above the ankle and below the knee, in fluid fabrics easily confuse them with a skirt pants up to something more disk that defines them well no matter, for all seems to be the perfect model that sooner or later fall in love.

Outfit: culotte pants, the most discussed trend of the moment

We must be honest, objective and objectively speaking they are not good at no, do not help the figure, indeed, the cropping and tend to broaden immensely anyone. It ‘a fact and a bad visual proportions game. Of course, if you’re a nail take a size less harm than those who maybe one size bigger would levarsela but as often happens with some difficult trend at some point caring becomes almost a mantra.
I’ve always been hesitant, I have tried different models and different brands but then promptly left in the store. I was there and it is a model that is hurt. Closed the speech.
Then one morning I went to Benetton and I saw this pattern culotte pants that hung at a glance seemed more a skirt and I wanted to try them. You, widen me, I do not donate but are comfortable, cool and well known my lack of femininity can I muovermici as I want and give me little fashion positions but much my snorting or accovacciandomi in the midst of playing down the road this outfit yet another. I do not wear them for special occasions or when I want to look their very best, even when my self-esteem is low, let’s say, but for the days when the convenience and comfortable feeling of not caring criticism will be the master. In the end I bought two pairs that I’m using a lot and even prediligendoli with flat shoes because I am casual blood today I show the softer version of the model and fluttering on his heels, then, perhaps, later also I show you the other model with sneakers. Culotte pants? For me here he won a nice #machissene.

Outfit: culotte pants, si o no?

Outfit: culotte pants mania.

Outfit: culotte pants, si o no?

In my proposal today to show you one of the latest trends in the pants I was wearing a striped shirt and culotte pants Benetton, red shoes Miss Globo, White Prada backpack and red sunglasses Love Moschino.

Outfit: culotte pants dettagli.

I hope today’s look you enjoyed despite not gifts me particularly and I wait for the next outfit. But in the meantime tell me, culotte pants, yes or no, you do you stand? :*

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