Outfit casual chic: how to wear culotte pants

by fashionsnobber

Between discordant controversies, they have entered the trend of the season for two years now. Like it or not, they can be seen everywhere worn in the most varied ways. I’m talking about culotte pants, soft, wide, of different lengths but always above the ankle and below the knee. In very fluid fabrics they are easily confused with a trouser skirt but it doesn’t matter, for all there seems to be the perfect model that sooner or later makes us fall in love. Let’s see together how to wear culotte pants.

Culotte pants: the most talked about trend of the moment

We have to be honest. Objectively and objectively speaking, culotte pants are not good for anyone. They do not help the figure, on the contrary they “cut it off” and tend immensely to enlarge and lower anyone. It is a fact created by an ugly game of visual proportions. Of course, if you are very thin and very tall, taking an extra size and appearing lower will harm less than those who perhaps would like to enhance themselves better. But, as often happens, with some difficult trends at one point, not caring about it becomes almost a mantra.
Personally I have always been hesitant. I confess that I have tried many before I found those two or three models in which I feel comfortable and so comfortable as to make me think that yes, sometimes I don’t care if I feel bad.

How to wear culotte pants without making a mistake

Culotte pants must be the protagonists of the outfit and must be worn paying close attention to the play of volumes that we want to create as a whole. It is true that they mask the B side by helping those who have it abundant but it is also true that they heavily choke the lower part of the body. For this reason it is advisable to balance everything by wearing them at the top with short or at most long garments up to the hips possibly capable of highlighting the waistline. Yes to tops, leotards, waisted shirts tucked in, slim t-shirts etc. Absolute prohibition for any oversized garment.
The accessories should be inversely proportional to the volume of the culotte pants to avoid weighing down the entire look. Perfect with mini bags and clutches, rejected with wide-brimmed hats and capacious bags such as everyday shoppers.
Finally, as far as shoes are concerned, all possible and unimaginable models, boots included, are fine, based on our personal taste and style. The only absolute prohibition is for wedges.

Outfit: casual chic with striped shirt and heels

I am aware of it, the culotte pants widen me and do not give me at all. But they are so comfortable that my little femininity is well known, I can afford to move as I want, giving me little fashion but very mine positions, puffing or crouching in the middle of the street, playing down yet another outfit. Obviously I won’t wear them for special evenings or when I particularly want to look my best. No, not even when my self-esteem is too low. However, in the days when practicality and feeling comfortable not giving a damn about the criticisms will be the master yes. Like today that I cleverly chose a model more similar to a trouser skirt, but shhh… Let’s not say it around. ;)

How to wear culotte pants.

Outfit culotte pants.

Outfit gonna pantalone.

For this outfit inspiration on how to wear culotte pants I chose Benetton striped shirt and trousers, Miss Globo red pumps, Prada white mini backpack and Love Moschino red sunglasses.

Come indossare pantaloni culotte.

I hope today’s look liked the same despite not giving me particularly and I renew the appointment for the next post outfit.

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