Outfit: field street style in t-shirt maxi dress

by fashionsnobber

The other day I was thinking to street style. But where I live being open country citizens and cement views are not very present. And what I could come up with if not a outfit field street style?

Outfit: when the street style become field street style

The idea was born. Amando particularly take inspiration from the street style photos from those that pose I began to analyze every detail. The first thing you notice is without doubt the prevalence of urban location and walking in the street. But I walk in the fields not in the street. How can I make a street style in the true sense of the word? My, at most, it can be a modern style camps. So #fieldstreetstyle both. And if that does not exist I do exist. Me invent him. For all those women who live in the countryside and love to create this kind of look much paparazzi. Mica will be the only one not?

Outfit: black & white field street style in t-shirt maxi dress and Adidas Gazelle

But, how to make photos street style? Usually in these types of images you sip coffee purchased by Starbucks or similar. Where I live there is not even one. How to fix it? With an IKEA thermos. Elementary Watson. He never looks in the room, are getting shots where the subject walking, hair system, look in the bag, looks at his shoes or to infinity and beyond. Natural short. Nothing mouths open waiting for the entry of a fly, to say the least, or languid eyes and unnatural poses in Vogue. I tried to take a cue and I did all this. Although eventually some shots of my with funny face can not miss. After all, I would not be me. The result is a field so simple street style. In black & white, with t-shirt maxi dress, sneakers with socks on demand and different color strings per foot. Now it goes well. Apparently. All this made it a little ‘more particularly the collar comic details.

Outfit field street style maxi dress t-shirt e Adidas Gazelle.

Outfit field street style black and white maxi dress t-shirt e Adidas Gazelle.

Outfit field street style black and white maxi dress t-shirt e Adidas Gazelle.

For the field street style look in black & white today I wore a black t-shirt maxi dress by Dr. Denim Jeansmakers, white collar Eleonora Azzolina, Adidas Gazelle sneakers, socks Ralph Lauren, sunglasses NAU and handmade bag with my blog logo. Thermos IKEA.

Outfit field street style black and white maxi dress t-shirt e Adidas Gazelle.

And with the field street style look today we finished. I wait for the next outfit. :*

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nikkilivinglife 09.04.2017 - 15:31

Amo il vostro senso dell’umorismo. Penso che si dovrebbe guardare favolosa in possesso di un thermos IKEA. Le tue fotografie sono venuti alla grande. È totalmente catturato il look street style. Mi piace il vestito e le scarpe da ginnastica.



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