Outfit: a fleece unicorn among us

by fashionsnobber

The unicorn is the beautiful horse imagery of fairy tales and legends that makes you dream about anyone. Most often it is white and winged. Often has the mane and tail of bright colors or rainbow. But its main feature is a horn sticking out in the middle of the head capable of making it magical and immortal. They say.

The unicorn in fashion

In recent years we have seen unicorns appear a bit ‘everywhere. There are many gadgets that bring him back to center stage as cups, covers for smartphones, pens, jewelry, decorative lights and so on. I could go on for hours. Same thing for clothing. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweaters, trousers and even dresses. But also socks, slippers, lingerie and boots. I mean, really everything. How not to remember the success that had the Moticon of WhatsApp to Unicorn? Here, if you initially did not want to give in the end I think they have done worse. A fashion that goes crazy and there it also be ordered in fleece pajamas maxi jumpsuit. To transform directly into a real unicorn.

Outfit: a unicorn among in fleece jumpsuit

Certainly it is not a garment to be worn to leave the house except in very specific circumstances of as theme parties or comics convention in which everything is permitted. Certainly it is not a leader who helps or enhances a figure. But if you are chilly, we love to stay at home comfortable and maybe in a somewhat ‘cool then it is perfect. The fleece after all is a synthetic fabric that has many positive features than the wool is not it? For example holds very warm, you can wash in the washing machine without problems and dries quickly. No need to iron it, it does not shrink and especially is extremely cheap. I remember Piff tried to bring it back into vogue during a fashion week but with poor results. Go figure why. I’m sure would be able to also proporcelo in evening dress from 100,000 Euros if they wanted to. Having said that I leave to my favorite home version and more truthful than the previous. There are not yet able to fly, but I’m exercising.

Outfit tuta pigiama pile unicorno - Outfit pajamas unicorn fleece jumpsuit.

Outfit pigiama tuta di pile a unicorno - Outfit pajamas unicorn fleece jumpsuit.

For this funny but warm outfits I wore fleece pajamas maxi jumpsuit blue and white unicorn taking a temporary shop at the Lucca Comics. I was told that they are still findable in different versions of Asos, Amazon, eBay and similar sites.

Outfit tuta di pile a unicorno - Outfit unicorn fleece jumpsuit.

I hope to have made you smile this time, that the magic of unicorns is with you and meanwhile you look at the next outfit. :*

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