Outfit casual: grey puffy maxi dress

by fashionsnobber

This morning I got up and I did not go crazy in choosing what to wear. For me the best solution in these cases is always and indisputably a maxi dress. Possibly grey, blue or black and go, without having to think of color combinations, materials, patterns or styles.Of course my friend Karma never once she’s on my side. He sent away those three days of Spring bringing quite a bit ‘cold with a cloudy sky at times sunny. Now I call Giuliacci and I make the complete weather forecast. Surely you are interested to know the weather in a remote area in the Tuscan countryside is not it? “Luna’re digressing, stop it!” Here, I present to you my little voice in the brain, appear and disappear for no reason but just to insult me ​​and scold me, rest assured, it is basically harmless enough to know how to live.
Eh, moral in the period of peach trees in bloom I found myself still wear collant.

Outfit: low cost maxi dress grey puffy

Maxi t-shirt dress, grey, with Bonprix pockets, tights (collant? It heck their winter tights Calzedonia) and boots with studs of Patti di Luna. Since my mood while you are in fact well pissed I started snorting heavily and to blacken the whole outfit. Black Borsalino Catarzi, black Cécile bag Twin-Set and black enamel Black Satin Chanel. I swear, I was going to put even black lipstick but then maybe I exaggerated just enough so I opted for red.
Then I even felt guilty, and I made it more romantic it all with the addition of a belt with a Stradivarius of faux leather bow taken centuries ago, in the heart eyewear Asos and long necklace with blue heart Return to Tiffany Tiffany & Co.

outfit casual grigio a sbuffo.

Outfit abito lungo grigio.

Outfit casual abito lungo.

Outfit abito lungo grigio.

Outfit grey maxi dress.

Outfit casual abito lungo.

Silver lining? With tights long dresses are comfortable because when you have to pull them out of you hide their movements well. You see the last photo, I was not posing pussy, absolutely not, I was just pulling up stockings. And if it is not this class! Yes, I do not know about you, but to me the pantyhose send me into a rage because I always fall and I have to stay were pulled up in worse situations, trying not to attract attention. I was hoping to essermene freed but I know that for a while ‘time I touch us still to do. Sgrunt, double sgrunt and mega puff.

Twin Set Cécile bag.

For the rest I have to say? perhaps puffing a bit ‘less you look at the next outfit! Will it be grey? Who knows!

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agathalizz 29.05.2015 - 13:22

You look gorgeous, dear. Love your bag

fashionsnobber 30.05.2015 - 14:58

Thank’s! I blush! :*


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