Outfit: how to wear an animalier Tote bag

by fashionsnobber

Let’s talk about luxury bags with the Made in Italy brand Sapaf Atelier 1954. How? With a casual look in two easy variations to understand how to wear an animalier Tote bag facing one of the most popular trends this season.

The Tote bag

The classic model of the Tote bag is usually characterized by large dimensions, the upper part that remains open, large handles, often not lined inside and in robust fabrics. With the American name of Tote bags (“tote” or “tate” means “to carry”) are identified the classic shopping bags known also more commonly as a shopper or shopping bag. From around the ’60s it has become a real model of fashionable bag and now its reinterpretations of shapes and materials are endless. It lends itself perfectly to being worn during the day, with casual looks more or less chic for informal occasions. That said, let’s see how to wear an animalier Tote bag by pulling out the roar in us.

Casual chic outfits: how to wear an animalier Tote bag

Like it or not this year the animalier is everywhere, anywhere and anyway. Impossible not to notice and pretend nothing happened. In starting to talk about it I went on safe thanks to Sapaf Atelier and their always refined and elegant creations luxury handbags Made in Florence. Personally I am not a person who likes to dare excessively with the spotted, I prefer it as an accessory rather than a total look in which to slip into the vernacular or go for a milf, cougar or gilf desperate is a moment. This is why today I propose it in a very simple casual look that each of us can wear and reinterpret in everyday life thanks to the few basic essential items in our wardrobes. Just a duster, a blazer, a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, sneakers and décolletté. All items to turn between them and les jeux sont faits.

Outfit red blazer, white t-shirt, ripped jeans, sneakers, animalier bag.

Come indossare una tote bag animalier - How to wear an animalier tote bag.

Casual outfit, red blazer, jeans and animalier bag.

Casual chic look, red blazer, ripped jeans, animalier bag.

Outfit casual chic indossando una tote bag animalier - Casual chic outfit animalier tote bag.

Red blazer, ripped jeans, animalier bag outfit.

Come indossare una tote bag animalier - How to wear an animalier tote bag.

Casual chic look, blazer, jeans and animalier tote bag.

Animalier bag outfit.

Outfit casual tote bag animalier - Casual outfit animalier tote bag.

Look idea animalier bag.

How to wear an animal bag every day.

Tote bag animalier by Sapaf Atelier - Sapaf Atelier animalier tote bag.

Black dust coat and red blazer Zara, white t-shirt Polo Ralph Lauren, high waist skinny ankle ripped jeans H&M, sneakers Adidas Stan Smith, heel shoes Liu-Jo.

I hope you enjoy this look with Sapaf Atelier’s animalier Tote bag and I look forward to your next outfit.

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