Outfit: how to wear the same bag with 3 different looks.

by fashionsnobber

We have reached the last appointment to discover the Sapaf Atelier Heritage Collection. In recent weeks we have seen the most suitable models for a casual outfit, one for the office and one elegant. To conclude with a flourish today I will speak and show only one model. A handbag so versatile that it is perfect for all three of these different looks. White in color, with black contrasts, it can be carried by hand or over the shoulder making it a truly “multitasking” luxury bag.

A bag for 3 different looks: casual, office and elegant

Handbag by Sapaf Atelier.

A sophisticated, chic and precious woman bag model. Like everyone we have seen in the entire Heritage collection, it remains difficult not to be conquered by this umpteenth beauty. Suitable for countless different looks and for various occasions, carried by hand or over the shoulder. It remains only to choose the leather and the color that best suits our taste.
With its medium size it does not force you to give up anything while maintaining a classic and feminine line. In my case the white color, the central gold detail, the fine alligator leather and as always the impeccable care of Sapaf Atelier in the details make it a Lady bag. A 100% made in Italy product made by a family-run Florentine company capable of surprising us and making us fall in love with each season of its creations.
Sapaf, an acronym for Società Artigiana Pelletterie Artistiche Fiorentine, was born in 1954 and immediately established itself in the world, especially abroad, without ever disappointing its customers. Seeing their creations and having had the good fortune of being able to touch them with their hands, how can we blame the whole world? Now all that remains is to let this beautiful handbag speak. For everything else there is and there will always be Sapaf Atelier. The undisputed best friend of our favorite Italian bags to combine with all the different looks we want.

Casual outfit

How to wear the same bag with 3 different looks.

Light blue off shoulder top, skinny jeans, straw hat and lace up ballerinas. A comfortable and practical everyday look made more chic by the touch of elegant lines of the bag.

Office outfit

How to wear the same bag with 3 different looks.

Office outfit.

Patterned shirt, blue pencil skirt, black sandals, eyeglasses and on. Ready to go to work without giving up the right professional touch given by this beautiful handbag made in Italy.

Elegant outfit

How to wear the same bag with 3 different looks.

Elegant outfit.

Black polka dot sheath dress, 12 heel sandals with pom poms and the precious details of the bag make us perfect for an evening or an important event.

That’s all for today, hoping these 3 different looks ideas in collaboration with Sapaf Atelier and their bags from The Heritage Collection have been liked, I renew the appointment for the next outfit idea.

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