Outfit: dear sea I want to jump! (And do stretching)

by fashionsnobber

The sea, my dear sea, always makes me melancholy. Especially when it is not yet the season of baths, custom and water games. Out of season I hypnotizes me and I remain hours watching the horizon rocked by the sound of the waves. I get lost in my thoughts and endless apocalyptic movies like there’s no tomorrow.

Thoughts born from the sea

Like when I think maybe it’s a sad story to blurt out to strangers to get to hit someone. When I think that I always prefer to smile and use irony to deal with life.
We all have skeletons, we all have something to hurt us, we all have our ghosts.
I’ve had something, something I passed alone, something I continue to take her along, but I’m not going to talk to beg for understanding. Maybe one day I will but I will here. Of my own free will and because it will go. Because it is not something to brag about and why I do not want to use it to get a result. I have to treat for my spontaneity, my sincerity, my ever-present critical also adopted on myself and more on others. I’m not an easy woman, I have a temper, I know, go away before holding. In a few I do get into my real world and most of the time when I do, then, by reflex I make them out. I think it is basically fear. I have yet to understand what is born. But that is. And no, the sea makes this effect on me. It makes me open a little ‘more.

Outfit: dear sea I want to jump up and do stretching!

Today the photos are not as stupid as usual. Of course they are not posing, always remain the one that sits on the floor or wherever it happens and legs apart when I wear the pants. I do not put fake supported me (with effect’m holding up something stable otherwise falls.) To walls (rather we scribble above), poles (rather use them to turn around), hedges (rather the poto) or whatever may be in front, rear and side.
Then I come back to me, I recover, I take a walk, I returned the smile, I think I want to jump to the sea, stretching and exercise my balance walking on a fence (I’m still wondering how it is possible I have a right not stave) and I’m doing. I’m like this.
Yes, I do and I have to admit that with this look I have not had any problem of motion. So to outfit tested I can assure you the convenience of everything for any day dedicated to yourself, your thoughts, for shopping, for a walk, for a coffee with friends, for shopping, or for any daily activity that does not involve a more sophisticated look. For your free time in fact.

Outfit: what to wear in your free time for a walk on the my dear sea

The boyfriend jeans and the kimonos worn over simple t-shirt this year are also in fashion. I chose H&M for ripped boyfriend jeans and Stradivarius for floral kimono. The white t-shirt is simple, without lettering or stitching strange Mango.
Same green and white color scheme for the practice or bag O bag and Stan Smith Adidas original. The latter views combined with any kind of outfit in past Milan fashion shows now can also be found in much more specific variants not bad, but, personally, I always love the classic versions of all, that by now you should have understood. I’m still waiting to re-launch the Gazelle, do you remember? They went around in the second half of the 90s and were worn on virtually everything. The I adored. I expect and hope.

Caro mare voglio saltare.

I have enriched the whole customizing it with some accessories like the set of three bracelets Stadivarius and one of H&M as the rings. The clock is instead Fossil.

Outfit casual low cost curvy moda donna.

And today is also everything. I wait for the next outfit.

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