Outfit: in a little black dress sipping the best Chianti wines

by fashionsnobber

Last appointment with this adventure together with the Sapaf Atelier bags made in Italy in the romantic location of the Fattoria Sant’Appiano. A timeless elegant outfit. In a little black dress to enhance the flagship of this luxury handbag brand. The Replica mini bag.

With Replica sipping wines at the Sant’Appiano Farm

Once again two symbolic products of Tuscany meet. The best Florentine artisan leather goods and the best Chianti wine. United thanks to a unique collaboration in which enology meets fashion born between a leather goods company and one of the oldest Tuscan wine farms.
Sapaf Atelier that for over sixty years has been dealing with the creativity, craftsmanship and authenticity of our best made in Italy, creating items with fine leathers and scrupulous attention to detail.
Fattoria Sant’Appiano, which in addition to being a fabulous farmhouse is the producer of a rich range of fine nectars labeled Chianti docg.
Both companies have been family-run for three generations and both production and sales are followed directly by the owners. They impeccably combine tradition and experience with constantly evolving modern techniques, running their businesses with dedication, passion and love for what they produce.

Elegant outfit: in little black dress for timeless elegance

To get an elegant outfit with timeless style and charm, there is nothing better than wearing a little black dress. Symbol of class and good taste par excellence. Of course, depending on the model you can also make a mistake but in principle it is a perfect cloth for any occasion.
It is even more so when the undisputed star of the look is a mini bag like Replica 1954. Made and hand painted, it is a small jewel in calfskin with gold laminate finishes and detachable metal shoulder strap. Produced in a numbered series and made in different colors, it reproduces exactly a model created by the company in 1954. The floral motif decorated with gold leaf is made with the original mold of the time. Detail that characterizes their entire latest collection.
The “handmade” is recognizable to the naked eye for a Heritage Collection for true connoisseurs. A bit like I am in the role of an enoblogger. ;)

Elegant outfit little black dress.

Come indossare un tubino nero per un evento elegante.

Elegant look little black dress outfit.

Hoe to wear a little black dress.

Fashion enoblogger in Toscana.

Little black dress outfit.

Outfit elegante tubino nero.

Quando moda ed enologia si incontrano.

As an enoblogger for this elegant outfit idea, I wore a Blumarine little black dress, Daisy Street macarons heels and a  Happiness Boutique maxi necklace.

Mini bag Replica 1954 by Sapaf Atelier.

Luxury bag made in Italy Replica by Sapaf Atelier.

Fashion enoblogger in Toscana.

I just have to say hello and make an appointment at the next post outfit.

Credits: Location Fattoria Sant’Appiano and photos editing shooting by Beatrice Botticelli & Leonardo Calistri.

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