Roaring outfits: more animalier bags for everyone!

by fashionsnobber

Unfortunately we have reached the last appointment to discover the collection of animalier bags of the all-Italian brand Sapaf Atelier 1954. A backpack and a Hobo bag roaring like a leopard. But unlike the solitary and opportunistic character of the feline, these models of spotted bags are instead among the most popular and loved by women all over the world. Let’s find out together and see how to be able to stroke a leopard without being bitten.

The animalier bags of Sapaf Atelier 1954

The line of animalier bags signed by Sapaf Atelier contains all the most famous and desired models. Tote bags, city, pochette, backpacks and Hobo bags. A collection capable of combining the brand’s over sixty-year artisan tradition with the creativity and trends of the moment. Small and large masterpieces of Florentine craftsmanship, unique of their kind, which are among the most popular of this autumn winter.
The roaring spirit of every woman, hidden or not, comes out and conquers every style and personality. As difficult as it may be to consciously navigate this fascinating jungle of animalier while wearing Sapaf’s creations, you can’t go wrong. Each model manages to maintain that class and refined elegance, a hallmark of the brand, eliminating the risk of slipping into the vulgarity typical of this trend.
In short, if it were not yet clear, this year there will be more animalier bags for everyone. But that they are of high quality and with attention to every detail strictly signed by Sapaf Atelier.

Outfit: how to wear spotted backpack and Hobo bag

Among the Sapaf Atelier animalier bags, a backpack could certainly not be missing. Typical casual bag model with a youthful and dynamic spirit, perfect for informal occasions where practicality should be everything. It is worn mainly on one or both shoulders but now it is not uncommon to see it carried as if it were a real handbag. For the animalier backpack I thought of something decidedly fashion, a bit risky and unconventional for those who are not afraid to dare and play with fashion and the most popular and discussed trend of the moment. Let’s say that I identified with a leopard so much that I immediately made a new four-legged feline friend. ;)

Street style outfit

Leopard street style outfit.

Leopard long dress and backpack look.

How to wear a long spotted dress.

Street style spotted outfit.

Leopard street style look.

Animalier bags street style outfit ideas.

Animalier backpack Sapaf Atelier.

Animalier backpack by Sapaf Atelier.

Animalier backpack look idea.

Leopard print animal backpack by Sapaf Atelier.

  • Tuxedo jacket and long animalier dress: Zara.
  • Sneakers: OLD Skool Vans.
  • Half top hat: no brand.

Total black rock outfit

The second idea of a look with Sapaf Atelier’s animalier bags features one of my favorites. The Hobo bag. Usually large model, soft, roomy and is immediately recognizable by its half-moon shape. It has a single handle and closes in the middle with a zipper or buckles. Purely for daytime, however, it goes well with everything and is therefore very easy to wear. In this case I opted for a total black outfit with rock references that I also adopted for the leopard-print clutch.

How to wear leather pants.

Total black rock outfit.

Total black rock outfit spotted hobo bag.

Total black rock outfit.

Rock total black outfit animalier bag.

Total black rock outfit spotted bag.

Animalier Hobo bag by Sapaf Atelier.

Made in Italy animalier bag by Sapaf Atelier.

Total black outfit.

Total black rock outfit.

Winter total black outfit.

How to wear leather pants.

  • Faux leather biker jacket: H&M.
  • Oversized black sweater: Mango.
  • Faux leather trousers: Ralph Lauren.
  • Black pumps: Zara.

I hope you liked my looks today with animalier bags and as always I look forward to seeing you at the next outfit post.

Credits: Location village of Suvereto and village of Venturina Terme (Livorno). Photo by Beatrice Botticelli and Leonardo Calistri.

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