Total black outfit: how to wear black in winter

by fashionsnobber

Black is undoubtedly a passepartout color par excellence. Perfect in every occasion and with which making mistakes becomes difficult. But despite everything, sometimes ideas are missing. Let’s see together how to wear black in winter with a total black outfit and that right touch of mystery that never hurts.
Mystery. Male singular: misterio (poetic), arcane, enigma, rebus (figurative), secret.
Leaving aside the first characteristics of deep, dense, inexplicable, impenetrable, inaccessible, incomprehensible, inscrutable, etc., I would like to dwell on its meaning as mysterious. Wrapped in an aura of total knowledge. So in part unknown, hidden and hidden voluntarily or not.
This is to refer to the thought of how much more curious, interesting and intriguing a door is ajar than a wide open one.

Undressing or not undressing online is the dilemma

I have never loved to show myself too much, neither cerebrally nor visually. I never thought it appropriate, to prove that we exist or receive attention of any kind or in any sector, it had to be an open book. Or in other cases two boobs and an ass in the air in succinct poses. No, not even when I was twenty and 15 kg less.
Unfortunately, I noticed how much the latter part is becoming the fundamental basis of many “statements” if we can call them that. But, leaving aside the usual controversy felt and resented millions of times, the thing I ask myself most is only one. How the hell do those girls feel when they look in the mirror after posting their butt and breasts on social ics? Is it their thirst for compliments, being told how beautiful they are to fill their insecurity to win, or the lack of content to be able to convey through their dressed photos? Help me because I can’t find answers. And if when I open those profiles, seeing nothing but free nudity, I burst out laughing, shaking my head and feeling sorry for it, you don’t want to. It’s just that I’m different and fully dressed in a total black outfit I decided to tell my point of view.

Total black outfit: how to wear black in winter with a touch of mystery

Here is my idea on how to wear black in winter. With a total black outfit that hides me behind a wide-brimmed hat and a long tulip coat. I can consciously decide to glimpse a detail of myself or my femininity. How, when and above all to whom I want without necessarily showing off or selling it off.
Mysterious to be discovered little by little and never totally. Because I love myself. Being a woman. I know who I am, what I want to say and how I want to say it. It is up to others to be curious to know the rest behind an ajar door. Why if it were totally open what woman would I be? We know well how much this can be enough for men to make them drool, but beyond a blow and away, would they not find their partner disrespectful towards them? And the other women certainly would not esteem us or be proud of how the female figure is diminished. The choice is still yours. I’ve already made mine. A long time ago.

Come indossare il nero in inverno.

Winter outfit.

Outfit total black tubino nero.

Black coat outfit.

Total black outfit.

Outfit elegante tubino nero.

In this semi-mysterious total black outfit of today I wore a long tulip coat by Anett Rostel, taken years ago in a Milanese boutique, little black dress with Trussardi lace inserts, H&M hat, Love Moschino bag and boots.

Come indossare il nero.

Total black outfit Moschino details.

Black bag Moschino.

And that’s all for today too, with my total black outfit I meet the next look idea.

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