Outfit idea: how to wear sequin pants

by fashionsnobber

A beautiful sunny winter day. No coat, no hat, no scarf or even gloves. I would say absurd, but terribly pleasant. I don’t move, I don’t look for the shadow and the perfect light for photo outfits but I decide to stay behind the wall to take advantage of one of the few things in the world that is still free and available to everyone. The Vitamin of the sun. Capable of making my new sequin pants shine, I catch the rays and I decide to tell how I managed to wear a garment often classified by evening even during the day.

What is Vitamin of the Sun

The Vitamin of the Sun is nothing but Vitamin D. The one that is good for our bones and our neurons. Have you ever wondered why our four-legged friends love to be in the sun in the morning for at least half an hour?
For this. To regenerate and stock up on Vitamin D. Nothing could be more pleasant and we could take an example too. And so I took half an hour for myself. To reinforce the structure of my skeleton and allow my brain neurons to return to themselves by ceasing to make hamsters on a wheel. ;P

Outfit: how to wear sequin pants even during the day

Half an hour of thoughts in the air trying to admire the sun without being blinded and stretch from time to time between my usual big mouth and the other. You know by now, I can’t be serious when I write let alone when I force myself to stay in one place. What then, I wondered, why “the sun kisses the beautiful and blinds the ugly“? I never understood the meaning of this joke. I mean, should it make you laugh? We are all blinded if we find ourselves reflected in the face and the beauty of any thing or person is so subjective that who can establish what is beautiful or ugly?
But I let my uninteresting talk stop you from laughing a little bit in the way that comes my way and between a semi-serious and a funny pose I show you an outfit idea on how to wear sequin pants even during the day. Perhaps with the sun in front they become even more beautiful because they shine with a less artificial light than the evening ones. A look with preppy references to make perfect even in spring simply by removing the sweater. Infuse you know, with a nice white shirt any sequin trousers is perfect, chic and anyone can wear it.

Idea outfit su come indossare pantaloni paillettes e maglione poncho.

Winter outfit sequin pants and poncho sweater.

Idea outfit pantaloni paillettes.

Sequin pants outfit idea.

Idea outfit pantaloni paillettes e maglione poncho.

During my supply of Vitamin D I wore a Polo Ralph Lauren gray melange poncho wool sweater. Mango white shirt to which I put a very preppy and little school bow by Asos. H&M black sequin pants and suede décolleté. Finally AL and RO design sunglasses.

That’s all for today, I wish you all a wonderful sunny day to make your sequin pants shine and I look forward to the next outfit.

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