Outfit: housewife in ruffles, neoprene, sandals & socks

by fashionsnobber

It was quite a while ‘that I was not one of my irreverent post outfits. Then came the trend of the moment that he wants us to wear sandals and socks. Just to not make us put those beautiful summer heeled sandals that adore allowing us to exploit even in winter. Brilliant! But maybe not for me.

Sandals and socks, the combo that is trendy

It seems that wearing sandals and socks, socks and décolleté and boots with socks in sight has become an irresistible trend. The combination then socks and heels are going to invade this winter and possibly future ones. Of course, the network can find inspirations really nothing bad that entice a lot to follow this trend. But between saying and doing, in my opinion, there is always half of the sea. Indeed, in this case, the ocean. In how many dare really bring out the door this new fashion? I’m not there yet succeeded. Sometimes I get a nice combination in the lead but then when I wear it, no, I lack the courage to cross the threshold. But do you think I could not find the right tricks on how to wear sandals and socks?

Outfit: ruffles, neoprene socks and sandals for the housewife in me

Such as stra great majority of women I hate having to do household cleaning. I admit that once a week I resort to the help of a cleaning lady but with a child you know, you have to run with a Swiffer in one hand and a vacuum cleaner. But as good Fashion Snobber mica reorganization home in overalls! never both! While I aspire, dusting, snort, game and I suddenly singer using the mop as a guitar does not give up to be fashion with two trends that are depopulating. A shirt with ruffles and them. My beautiful sandals with socks. More glam than this! A housewife perfect right? Particularly credible.

Outfit: camicia con rouches, gonna in neoprene e sandali con calzini - Outfit: ruffles shirt, neoprene skirt, sandals and socks.

Outfit: camicia con rouches, gonna in neoprene e sandali con calzini - Outfit: ruffles shirt, neoprene skirt, sandals and socks.

During my home cleaning in a practical and casual I wore a white shirt with ruffles and neoprene black skirt in H&M, pink socks Ralph Lauren and Mojito blacks sandals Julian Hakes London.

Dettagli outfit: camicia con rouches e gonna in neoprene - Outfit details: ruffles shirt, neoprene skirt.

Sandali e calzini il trend del momento. Calzini Ralph Lauren e sandali Mojito Julian Hakes - Sandals and socks the trend of the moment. Socks Ralph Lauren and shoes Mojito by Julian Hakes.

But you what you think of the trend sandals and socks? I hope you smile with me today, and I wait for the next outfit. :*

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