Outfit: sporty chic Mickey Mouse in the tool shed

by fashionsnobber

The favorite places for country mice, which I always call and regardless Mickey Mouse, are, without doubt, the barns, cellars and tool sheds. Just in the latter I met one and you know what he was doing? He played with the welder, weighed himself, and finally drilled. Yeah, that’s right, and when he saw me he ran away to hide behind the welder’s mask with which you also look at the solar eclipses. Don’t believe it? Let’s find it together…

Look sporty chic with joggers pants Mickey Mouse pattern

Have you still not understood? But how?
We are talking about joggers, those trousers with low crotch so comfortable and practical. In this case with pop pattern inherent in one of the most famous characters from comics and cartoons, Mickey Mouse. Tending to a pajama effect we often don’t know how to match them. They end up being used at home or in the gym while representing one of our favorite childhood icons. Obviously they are not suitable for a gala evening or for an interview and keep in mind how much they do not soften the figure. Let us also say that they are expanding it above all in the upper area. Well, having said that, I wanted to wear them anyway, I really got stuck. Do you know the children when they are acting up? Here, same.

Outfit sporty chic joggers Mickey Mouse.

Outfit: a mouse sporty chic plays in the shed

Outfit sporty chic.

Outfit sporty chic blazer joggers pants.

Look sporty chic joggers Mickey Mouse.

I thought I’d sdrammatizzarli combining them with a white shirt, a jacket and a pair of Converse. The shirt is a Bonprix model that falls perfectly on any physical form. No end and no marks. It has a single flaw, he rubs just looking. The blazer from H&M as are the pants with the little head stylized Mickey Mouse.

Now that I’ve pulled my umpteenth day-to-day shit I’m going to hide behind the welder’s mask with Mickey Mouse. Before disappearing, however, I point out further how foolish I am from not noticing before taking the pictures of having pulled my pants too high on my waist. The joggers model should be brought lower I recommend.

I hope you smile for this outfit in the company of Mickey Mouse because smiling is good, it’s still free and we should never stop doing it.

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Elena 03.08.2015 - 18:06

Hi!Can you tell me where I find the Mickey pants? In which section at H&M? I’ve been searching and researching and nothing….Thank you.


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