Outfit casual chic: Schnauzer dog passion

by fashionsnobber

Yes, I have three four-legged friends. Three German breed dogs. Schnauzer “a ladder” as I say. A dwarf (Grisù, Zwerg Schnauzer of 8 years), a middle one (Gunther, of 10) and a giant (Thor, Riesen Schnauzer of 2).

Zwerg Schnauzer, Medium Schnauzer and Riesen Schnauzer

I’ve always had dogs since I was little and of various types of breeds. From the bastard, to the Dalmatian, to the Labrador. As I am with the Schnauzer, however, it is incomparable. That their firm character. In some ways anarchist and perennially cautious, he is in perfect harmony with me. They are patient with my son and I can rest easy when I leave him in their “legs”. I have the certainty that nobody could hurt him or get close to him without my presence or my order to stay good. They are cuddly when it’s time. Playfully preferentially towards the time of twilight or at the first light of morning and for the rest of the guard. An incredible guard. For them also a fly or a butterfly that crosses their territory must leave. They sleep with one eye open and one closed, in this they are scary. But I like it, given the times, they make me feel calm, protected beyond measure.

What to wear to walk dogs

Yesterday I took them all for a walk in the countryside. A nice regenerating walk with a free mind both for me and for them. Sometimes it takes. Without taking anything with me, away from my smartphone, from the internet, from everything. Me, my Schnauzer and my family. All I need to feel good.
I apologize in advance for their grooming, who knows the breed well knows that this haircut is wrong but from me it is full of forasacchi and to avoid bad adventures this spring I preferred more the aesthetics practicality. The hair grows again and will be perfect in September.

Cosa indossare per portare a spasso i cani.

Outfit: t-shirt dress and floral cardigan

To wear my Schnauzer friends for a walk, I wore a simple, blue, longuette t-shirt dress by Asos. A floral cardigan by Abercrombie & Fitch and Viadante‘s nude look pumps. Just to point out how it is not impossible to wear heels even for a simple walk. When you are lucky enough to have rather good dogs on a leash, everything is allowed. But, as usual, famous last words…

I get distracted and the dwarf escapes me and the giant jumps on me filling the dress skirt with earth.
They are still animals, they have their own instincts and their peculiarities. Never let your guard down even for us masters. Let’s say our dogs are all good but when we are around let’s keep them on a leash and always behave with education and respect towards others, not creating dangerous situations. Not everyone is happy when a maverick walks towards them. All the more when they are large. We always clean their poop and remember that the law is very clear. Let us follow. Finally, Giorgio Armani also says: “Abandoning animals is not fashionable“. If you think one day you can get tired of taking care of them do not adopt them and leave them to someone who will love them forever.

A spasso con gli Schnauzer.

Accessories like wearing earrings and necklace Breil and eyeglasses pink Carrera.

Outfit casual abito t-shirt e cardigan floreale.

At my next adventure outfit and for those who still don’t know the Schnauzer can start to get information on Wikipedia.

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