Outfit: pencil skirt to prune with style

by fashionsnobber

Period in which to prune the plants. In particular, the olive trees. Who lives in the country knows it well. Moreover, recently, here we were victims of a gale in Tuscany that exceeded 100 km/h doing damage not indifferent. In my house it has virtually eradicated half vegetation so slowly we are trying to fix the damage where possible and definitely cut insalvabili plants. I have been busy as I could without giving up my pleasure to play with clothes. So here I am struggling with a “comfortable” outfit to prune. Which country girl does not put in place the garden dressed like that? None! I also have the “kerchief” in the head! ;P

Outfit: pencil skirt to prune in style you can

Like shoes I’d certainly like ballerinas or cleavage but since I am a responsible person with a chainsaw in his hand was not just smart. Also for you to note that Caterpillar boots and the like, with or without heels are horrendous with skirts, with clothes of any kind and have to be used only with pants. Nate as work shoes (huh manual jobs, not for lawyers, doctors, housewives, secretaries etc.), does not necessarily fit them cool on each outfit and as such must be respected. Great for the rain, the snow, if you want to climb the windows of Tiffany maybe, with a pair of jeans, jumpsuit, but not if you want to go for a trendy pencil skirt or a dress (no, not even an oversized sweater ). Right? Right, I tell you. Trust me.

Casual outfits to prune with style.

Now no more talk will illustrate what I wore this outfit. Cotton sweater Polo Ralph Lauren, blue stretch pencil skirt Promod, Caterpillar boots (my husband), bag gift from my BFF (yes, sometimes I talk like a bimbaminkia) taken to a super market so cool Turin and scarves vintage polka dot taken to Ibiza years ago.

Outfit casual per potare con stile.

They are now in place with wood for the fireplace. I made a clean sweep of dry branches and not only (metaphorically speaking) and I can go to take a well-earned drink. Cambiandomi shoes, God forbid!
For those who are amazed that I actually cut those remnants of mimosa greet leaving the overwhelming evidence. What a woman, do not make me angry otherwise to take a chain saw to cut your head is a snap! Just kidding eh, you never know you began to take myself too seriously.

Come usare la motosega con stile.

I wait for the next outfit and some kind of wacky adventure I will have in Serbia for you.

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