Outfit: story of a polka dots scarecrow

by fashionsnobber

Once upon a time.
Not too long ago.
In a remote area halfway between the sea and the mountains an expanse of cultivated fields. There peeped a scarecrow a little snob, a bit’s old school and a bit crazy. In a good way that is.

Outfits story of a scarecrow

With his 30s look, the scarecrow spent his days watching over the cultivation of wheat. To collect his favorite food (strawberries) and treat zucchini plants in his greenhouse. A cross between peasant forgotten and diva of past years.
Lover of pois. Fantasy and fashion pattern that has made its first appearance in their 30’s but in fact was born in Czechoslovakia in the late nineteenth century under the name Polka from “polka-dot“. The real boom of polka dots, however, dates back to 1950. Many of the stars to wear it among which Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, to name a few. Very attached to a pin-up style since then have never lost a season. Always considered the trend is for the autumn-winter and for spring-summer they found interpretation and rein in design. Endless variations of color, shapes and sizes gives free rein to imagination and this allows us to wear them under any circumstances.

Storia di una spaventapasseri con un abito a pois.

Outfit pois dress.

Outfit abito a pois spaventapasseri chic - Fashion scarecrow.

Outfit anni 30 abito a pois.

Outfit: look 30s with a pois dress

The outfit of the scarecrow was made up of a polka dots dress Ralph Lauren, bolero black blazer Stefanel, pumps shoes Fiorucci Angel Baby, headband with bow coordinated the gown patterned Asos and sunglasses NAU. The accessories that completed the whole were a white mini handbag Ralph Lauren, a vintage necklace of white pearls and three bracelets. A Pandora, one My Family and one Brosway.

Fashion flat lay pic.

Having fulfilled all its tasks, the scarecrow woke up realizing that the 50th anniversary of the uncles of her husband and that she had fallen asleep just the after-effects of too much wine and swallowed the feast of food. It will take her a full 3 days of fasting to be able to digest everything. After all, we know that once the 30s have passed, certain things no longer hold up as before. ;P

Storia semi seria di un outfit a pois.

I hope I have made you smile even today, your scarecrow is waiting for you at the next outfit.

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