Outfit: Milan fashion week with a personalized look

by fashionsnobber

Milan Fashion Week ends today. The big brands have warned us about what will be next season surprising us or disappointing us like every time. For the occasion, my outfit today is just a personalized look just to get noticed a bit during one of the most flashy events of the year.

Personalized look for the Milan fashion week

Those who have been following me for the longest time had certainly already realized how much I wanted a personalized look capable of expressing my personality. An outfit not attributable to other designers but that spoke of me, of my way of playing with fashion and of the blog. Thanks to TheColorSoup I was able to bring my idea of personalized fabric to life. Then I added a simple white t-shirt with the blog logo. Officially registered on September 22, 2015 at the Ministry of Economic Development. Adding an “I’m” I formed the phrase “I’m Fashion Snobber“. It could be interpreted in different ways depending on how each of us lives the world of fashion. It seemed like a nice idea and a good way to make myself known. To complete everything, I added a Kocca black bolero, black clutch with Orciani and Stan Smith sneakers by Adidas.

Street style outfit look personalizzato - Personalized look.

Street style outfit Milan fashion week personalized look.

Look personalizzato Milano fashion week.

Outfit street style Milan fashion week personalized look.

Fashion week outfits: custom wheel skirt, logoed t-shirt and sneakers

I know. This skirt with a personalized look is not a kind of model that helps me. Some “fashion bloggers” were also very nice to let me see from behind as I passed and my husband clicked the photo and he heard the comment. But poor thing. After all, he thought that the photographer was one of a street style from who knows where and he had snubbed her by choosing to photograph me instead of her. What can you do? In this sector it seems to work like this. I laugh about it and keep the shot (without publishing it because I am a lady) where you can see very well the expression of contempt towards me along with her two different “friends” dressed like little girls in kindergarten (who I am I keep it for myself). They taught me good manners but also to know how to stay in the world. I don’t need my 46 to be noticed. I know I have it and I know very well when I value myself and when I don’t. I say it openly without problems and indeed, I laugh right at it while having fun around Milan and exalting my faults. Just think of how self-defeating I am and I tease you about it on a silver plate. Easier than that! ;)

Milano Fashion Week.

Milan fashion week do not fear

Do you know which is the best thing? That these cute girls also had the courage to ask me for friendship on Facebook. And then we wonder why fashion bloggers are considered stupid. Instead of getting lost in these bimbettate we should join forces and turn off these clichés where you can talk or write about fashion only if you have a maximum size of 42. There are millions of brands, the possibility of collaborations idem and each of us has a very different style that does not take away “work” from any of the others. Having said that, I share with you my umpteenth fall in style caused by a city in the midst of a car-frenzy to force your Snobber to take the metro with her beautiful personalized look. No, but do we realize this? Unreachable taxis, unobtainable car2go and the car in the garage. I still haven’t learned to fly but for the next time I organize myself better this is certain. For now, I bow to gratuitous wickedness that I will never allow myself to hurt.

Look personalizzato Fashion Snobber.

I almost forgot, the shoes had to be others but unfortunately my feet after the first two days around for fashion week with heels decided to abandon me preventing me from using a model perhaps more suited to the Fashion Snobber personalized look.

Quali scarpe mi metto?

With the personalized look for the Milan fashion week we have finished, I look forward to the next outfit hoping to make you smile even more.

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Franci 28.09.2015 - 14:29

Eh si avevo già visto il post in cui sceglievi il tessuto e la foto su IG con la scelta delle scarpe! Mi piace molto, un B&W molto originale e direi perfetto per distinguersi nella tipica bolgia da FW!
Un bacione! F.

La Civetta Stilosa


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