Outfit: total black cow lap (pole) dance

by fashionsnobber

Put a summer evening with friends, a bar that has just been opened, a cow and a lap dance pole. What comes out of it? A dance cow!

That this Fashion Snobber is not very graceful. Little feminine. Not at all sexy but so much, so clumsy is a fact. But she likes to try a little of everything and certainly does not hold back in front of a pole. After all, never taking oneself too seriously guarantees great smiles, good humor and healthy harmless fun. Of course, a cow who does lap dance is not a pretty sight so forgive her unsuccessful attempt but at least she can say she tried it once in her life.

Cow pole dance

With a muccoso shot she jumped up, checked the ambiguous mechanism, the height of this contraption and started her dances. Dances, let’s call them more desperate attempts to look for that graceful butterfly side never developed and hidden in its innermost desires. But for these things we know, it takes practice, exercise and perseverance. Maybe enrolling in a course, those so fashionable now called pole dance would be useful especially after the beautiful fall that caused a nice bruise in the shape of a cow on the left buttock. Of the series, #nottoforget #never a joy. Luckily she laughs very well at her and perhaps helps her to have permission to put all this into practice, including her blog, and try to fight her shyness apparently covered by a slightly snobbish air.

Outfit total black mucca lap dance.

Lap dance outfit.

Outfit total black estivo.

Outfit: in total black to dance the lap dance

In her look you will have recognized the black dress by Tommy Hilfiger (a purchase suggested by many of you during the last sales period) combined with Sheen ankle boots, an Asos straw hat and a cow bag, the protagonist of this adventure, by Moschino. How did it end? The heroic cow collapsed on the sofa from exhaustion with all the aching muscles. From the direction they tell me that probably for a week it will be ko. What you want to do, old age begins to be felt even for you.

Total black outfit with cow detail.

And nothing, this week’s drama ended like this. I look forward to the next outfit, maybe serious, maybe not, time will tell us about it.

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The Bandwagon Chic 12.08.2015 - 8:33

I love your bag dear
It is so cute.

The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

Stephanie 11.08.2015 - 5:02

Those are some fabulous shoes! And I love how fun your purse is!


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