Outfit: a donkey between donkeys amiatini

by fashionsnobber

Tuscany, Follonica, province of Grosseto, along the coast road they are located. The Amiata donkeys, a species in extinction safeguarded in this breeding that practices onoterapia. Feeling a little bit like me too in many ways and without being afraid to admit my shortcomings, it seemed like a fun idea to take some pictures with them behind. In the end we are all a bit donkeys in something, aren’t we?

A donkey among the Amiata donkeys

For example, I don’t know how to write well and in a sophisticated way like many journalists or bloggers. I don’t know how to put myself in credible poses and I always appear with an expression of slaps concluding with images in which I do the idiot. But basically, I’m just like that in my normal life and I love making fun of myself and never too seriously. Why sell me for what I am not? The world is varied. If a person doesn’t like me, I can still be nice, interesting or different from the other one, right? I mean. They often ask us to place ourselves in one way rather than another. It happened to everyone. Because maybe the other way is the one that goes the most, attracts more or just like it better. But I don’t, I want and always pretend to be myself. I prefer to exalt my imperfections and maybe try to make them my particularity. Like the Amiata donkeys that are commonly seen as a symbol of ignorance. In reality they have their talents and their beneficial utilities.

Outfit: casual in long dress and jewel sandals

During my visit to the Amiata donkeys it happens that I take awareness and I “surrender”. My expression as a snobbish haughty the purpose and I decide that I will continue to write bag rather than bag. Pumps rather than pumps. Suit instead of jumpsuit and so on. It’s not that I don’t know things. But if this is a blog, then a diary where I share with the web a passion, a thought or simply the shots of an afternoon, my thoughts must be natural like me in everyday life. Professionalism is not seen in this. He’s backstage and comes out under other circumstances. I’m this way. Neither too thin, nor too fat. I am not too beautiful but maybe not too good either. Neither too serious nor too ironic. Rather, I make a fool on purpose and in doing so I try to send you messages. Opinions or reflections on something that I hope will be caught and open a comparison. To improve myself, to learn more and more, to transmit and to learn new points of view. I am a woman next door and as such I would like to arrive. Having finished doing all these mental journeys, let’s move on to today’s outfit. For the tour visiting the Amiata donkeys I chose a purely casual and low-cost look.

Outfit maxi dress verde.

Casual long dress outfitamong the Amiata donkeys.

Green maxi dress casual outfit.

Visit to the Amiata donkeys.

H&M green t-shirt maxi dress, Patti di Luna jewel sandals, Gucci model Jackie bag (a bit battered but it was my first It-Bag and I am so fond of it that I will continue to use it until it falls apart), Marc By Marc Jacobs watch, Amen bracelet with I love you written in all the languages of the world given to me by my husband, sunglasses OPS! and ring bought some time ago at a craft market.

Dettagli outfit casual abito lungo verde.

That’s all for today too. I rave enough and in the company of the Amiata donkeys I send a greeting expecting you to the next outfit.

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editalozovska 18.08.2015 - 20:56

Simply stunning!

cvetybaby 18.08.2015 - 10:19

Aw that dress is such a nice piece! I love the background and that donkey is so so cute! Gogreous!

Glenda 18.08.2015 - 1:18

Beautiful dress and love all the accessories Luna :)


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