Outfit: nerd Sunday morning in floral pajamas

by fashionsnobber

I discovered the existence of Sunday mornings after about 25 years. Before me it didn’t exist and I thought the day started from 11:00 onwards. Over the years and by force of things I have found that instead on Sundays it has 7:00 am, 8:00 am and 9:00 am … Whether it goes to bed at a decent time or is late at night.
You have to understand how for me the morning is a very critical moment, in the sense, before having taken my coffee I am intractable, I should not talk about it or consider it because it is as if I were still asleep and in the world of dreams. A kind of trance in practice. Being so foolish, of course, I happen to have Sundays like this one of which I am telling you today.

Sunday morning as a nerd and a fashion blogger. Maybe.

My biological time made me open my eyes even on Sunday morning at 8:00. I stagger up, wash myself, make up and dress mechanically without paying attention to anyone or anything. In short, like a programmed robot.
I go into the living room, I walk to the door to open the dogs and I find that it is pouring down. Not having yet taken the coffee, I mumble something, go back to my room, undress and put on my pajamas again. In that while husband arrives with tray and breakfast grinning. He was always nice and alert and awake as soon as he got out of bed he had seen the time and he knew we would not go out for breakfast as we had decided the day before.
How to decide to spend Sunday mornings if not dedicating myself to my “nerditude“?
I surround myself with all possible technology. Prominently Apple, of which I own the fixed one and I am dependent. I plan the weekly editorial plan of the blog, I catch up with the events of the past week and slowly I wake up becoming aware of the new day ahead.

Outfit: floral pajamas between Apple technology and liters of coffee

When I read or am focused, I don’t see myself, so I had no idea what came of such an odious expression. Excuse me, I’d be on the boxes alone to see me from outside. That said, on this Sunday morning a little slow I continue to write, read and sip liters of coffee in the hope of getting back more awake and smiling.

Look da domenica mattina - Sunday morning look.

Domenica mattina da nerd.

Outfit pigiama floreale.

Nerd Sunday morning featuring breakfast in bed, H&M pink floral pajamas, pink Carrera eyeglasses (I’m astigmatic) and Apple iPad 2, iPhone 6 and MacBook Pro products.

Because I love Apple?

No, not because it is fashionable but simply because it is much more intuitive than Windows. If you need to delete a program, an application or anything else, just one click and you don’t have any residue left in your memory like it does with your competition. Also graphically it is the top, everybody knows it, I don’t need you to repeat it and working a lot in this field I need valid products like only the bitten apple is able to do.
It is true, it is not cheap, but I reveal a secret about it that can encourage you to spend that little bit more without feeling guilty. Windows costs much less because when it goes to the companies to ask to create its pieces by order to use inexpensive materials. Apple, on the other hand, asks for the best and in the case it patents them and invents directly as a success for the Apple Watch. Only this should be enough to make people understand the quality and the difference between one giant and another.
What do you think? And above all, before you connect with the real world, how do you get up in the morning? What do you do?
From my Sunday morning it’s all, I look forward to the next outfit.

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Adela Acanski 14.07.2015 - 10:31 Reply
fashionsnobber 16.07.2015 - 23:09

Thank’s Adela! Big kiss! :*

cvetybaby 14.07.2015 - 10:27

Awesome Apple family u have! Great pajama and perfect pictures! Awesome post, I love it!

fashionsnobber 16.07.2015 - 23:10

Thank’s! Yes, we’re a little maniacs Apple and the shabby chic. ;P

Lenya 13.07.2015 - 17:02

Love your post and thse fun pics. Cute.

fashionsnobber 16.07.2015 - 23:11

Hi Lenya! Thank you very much! :*


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