Outfit: total black + tiffany improvising me mechanical

by fashionsnobber

With a total black look to discover the new fully equipped machine to help even the most impeded woman. It is impossible to beat somewhere thanks to the sensors placed on practically every side and corner. To cut back on a climb, fight with the non-existent clutch with the automatic gearbox and any situation in which we were given incompetent driving. In practice, she does everything, the coffee machine is just missing and when I get up she gives me a good morning.

Discovering of the new Toyota RAV4 White Edition

Now explain to me, of total black dressed ready to go out, how can I use all this well if I had a slight initial problem in figuring out how to start it?
I in principle am not exactly fooled or at least didn’t believe it up to this point. But it didn’t turn on, I assure you, and I couldn’t even open the trunk behind so as to have to resort to the instruction booklet.
The instruction book for a car? Are we joking?
Basically, I’m a pretty nerd. I love technology in all its many forms and facets. But in this situation I cursed her and still I am not at ease with a machine that if she decides to go crazy could live of her own life taking me who knows where and closing me up inside.

As it sets in motion the new RAV4?

In practice there is no key. I mean, if the ECU breaks just to open the door, I think I understand. It’s a remote control that you have to hold on to and that’s it. Press an ON-OFF style button on the dashboard and you will wake up. There is not even a hole to insert the key beside the steering wheel. And then I would be the one who wants the Land Rover Sport equipped in this way and even worse ?! I’m sorry, but I prefer a panda from the 70s who rides on pedals. Here it is. I feel safer and with the car in hand.
Do you think it is possible, before leaving all settled in my total black outfit, that I had to figure out if the engine was broken or if there was some loose wire? I also took a bump on the hood. However at the end of the fair I succeeded. I pressed the fateful right button and it turned on. Of the series “better late than never”. Obviously I have not yet figured out how vocal satellite works. Not to mention the rear view camera that lets you see when you’re reversing. It scares me.
I forgot, the rear trunk opens by lifting up when the car is off as you approach with the remote control in your pocket. I hate it already.

Storia outfit abito chemisier.

Outfit: chemisier dress for a total black look with Tiffany details

In this adventure I was wearing a shirt dress total black of Bonprix. Especially those who love Zara ankle boots shoes stub because while not seeming, since the stratospheric height of the heel, is very comfortable and I can take them for a long time walking and standing. To give a touch of color to any outfit I chose one of my favorite shades, tiffany, for the bag My Bag, sunglasses OPS! and necklace with heart pendant of Tiffany & Co. Finally other accessories are the Pandora charm bracelet, that of My Jewels, necklace with wings of Stradivarius and Rolex watch.

Outfit total black con dettagli tiffany.

Total black outfit & tiffany details.

Outfit total black + tiffany.

Flat lay fashion outfit details.

I hope I made you smile a little once again. If someone has to change cars personally, I recommend making sure that at least they have the insertion key in the dashboard. This thing about the button shocked me and it is the result of when a man chooses a car.
With my total black look that’s all, I’ll wait for you at the next outfit.

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Barbirella 18.05.2015 - 16:30

Beautiful and classy, love that car! <3


fashionsnobber 24.05.2015 - 19:43

Thank’s! Yes, this car is very beautiful, but very little intuitive. ;)


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