My Pandora story begins with the camera charm

by fashionsnobber

I wanted to let me know a little ‘but at the same time I wanted to do it in a nice and light so why start writing an endless monologue about what I found along my way so far as to take me to be who I am I would be pretty boring. Then I started for home gingillare going left and right kind soul in torment until I hit my hand (you should know that I do not look never where I put my feet and constantly tripping) against an edge of the wall. As soon as I looked at her wrist to see what I had done I saw him there and I got the idea. I was given to me by my husband for Valentine’s Day and when I gave him only added:

Why is your story can only start from this.

And then it came to my mind as well, I will tell you something about me making you see how I’m composing my Pandora bracelet.

My story begins with the Pandora charm Camera

Yes, because it is a bit ‘all my passions. Fashion, graphic and photograph. I always snap photos, consistently and everywhere. The pendants around, however, are those who would add, and I’m gradually adding.

Charm wishlist.

  1. Stella Luna. I always transparent and too direct. In the name of the charm then there’s my real name.
  2. Starry Night. The Night of San Lorenzo is magical, absolutely my favorite holiday after Christmas. And not to forget that we have to raise the nose not only for that occasion.
  3. Feather. Symbol of lightness. Because life in my opinion should be taken lightly, try to find the bright side and laugh about it. Cry on is pointless. The wheel will turn.
  4. Drop Pink with Butterfly. The pink represents femininity and butterfly freedom, the freedom that I try to maintain and protect regardless of everything and everyone.
  5. Heart. E ‘with the heart that you do everything. And ‘the heart that makes us live and it is always followed him that if there will never have regrets.
  6. Bimbo. Is my son obviously. Part of me with one of his own heart.
  7. Home Sweet Home. My home, my family. All that makes me feel safe. Protected and serene.
  8. Eternal Elegance. I love pearls and the name of this Charm says it all.
  9. Note Musicale. Music is very important in my life. It ‘s easier to tell me with a song with words. And then there is no life without a soundtrack.
  10. Artist Colors. My creativity and my studies in art.
  11. Carillon. I go crazy for those once-shaped carousel and would listen to their music for hours. Make me a child again preventing me from losing the wonder and enthusiasm for the little things.
  12. Love and Support. The basis of every type of relationship, whether friendship or love that family. The wing is also a symbol of flight, the wings that sometimes I have been torn and those times when I wanted to try to throw me to see if I fell upwards.
  13. Bow. My passion for fashion etiquette.
  14. Black Heart. I love black, is always my best when I do not have inspiration and when I do not know what to wear.
  15. Book of fairy tales. I have the Peter Pan syndrome, I live in my own world and in some ways I still believe in fairy tales.
  16. Love Paris. My favorite city.

Pandora bracelet.

And you? Do you have an original Pandora bracelet? What charm did you start telling yourself about?

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