Parisian Snobberies by Fashion Snobber

by fashionsnobber

Reading the book “How to be a Parisian wherever you are” published by Mondadori I found that some of my behavioral features have called her “Parisian snobberies.” What I have to say, it seems, maybe in Paris I would no longer be considered a bitch. ;)

Being a snob person

Vocabulary and Wikipedia say:
Snob. Male and female adjective and adjective. Meaning: a person who behaves in behavior or behavior as an aristocratic, often eccentric, and rarely ridiculates distinction and sophistication in an attempt to identify with a higher social category. Which is used to identify a category of people who imitate the ways and the way of life of higher social classes, by refining and heightening themselves.
It is deduced that it is a perceived characteristic in a negative way, certainly not a quality or a reason for pride.
Now. That I am termed snob by a good 80% of people now is a fact. And the 20% who do not think it is just because he has learned to know me is just the same. But what are these parisian snobberies that apparently make me so snoby out of sight and skin?

Parisian snobberies, or rather, by Fashion Snobber

Snobismi parigini da Fashion Snobber - Parisian snobberies by Fashion Snobber.

I’ve taken every step of these parisian snobberies and I’ve been trying to explain to each and every one why and how I behave this way. In the end I believe firmly, at different points, you could find serenely yourself too.

* On the evening of December 31, eat a seafood dish alone and go to bed before midnight. (Because in fact there was a prefest at home the night before, “the best of the year.”)

I have always hated the feasts, except Christmas, where you have to party and have fun. Why do I have to go out when everyone comes out? Why spend more when the same dinner, a month before, or after, we pay half of it? And yes, I confirm, my most beautiful and unforgettable evenings were all outside of recurrences. Is it really as snob as reasoning?

* At table, never wish “good appetite!” To their own diners (as well as never passing salt from hand to hand).

I never hope it because I was told it is not really good education and salt because it hurts. So the snobs are also superstitious?

* Abandon a party (even what you organized yourself) when it reached the climax.

Being a person who gets bored easily when they leave a party is just because I felt there was nothing else to see, some more to meet or just because I was asleep. What’s wrong? For me it is called free will.

* Put together black and navy blue (they are like the rose and red of Yves Saint Laurent).

Done, redone and redo it. I do not think there are really colors that can not be matched with each other if the rest of the look is sensible to exist.

* When you see someone for the first time, do not say “pleasure” but “pleasure to know it” (you never know what the future holds).

It is difficult for me to give you in general let alone who I have just known. It’s pure education, but I understand in recent times it has been forgotten and this is coldness or “slick ways.”

* Say The Recherche (meaning Marcel Proust’s book A ‘Recherche du temps perdu).

It seems obvious to me that those who love literature or law take much for granted such a masterpiece is recognizable even by abbreviating the title. Or not? Do not we do it a bit with everything?

* Do not use abbreviations in sms (and reserve emoticons only to friends).

I am a woman over the age of 30, thankfully I still write and I accept my passing years. Shortening makes a tiny teenager. This phase I have consciously passed by quite a while.

* Refuse to follow fashion (but feel that fashion follows us).

It seems clear I do not follow the fashion as much as a timeless style. Nevertheless, having studied it is the topic I know better and, in fact, I have a fashion blog. But, as I always say, this does not make me a classic fashion blogger able to just follow the footbridge trends regardless. I rather avoided it like the plague. So yes, I categorically refuse to follow the fashion despite being part of my life.

* Never lose control of yourself (but have a decisively subversive past).

Actually I lose it every now and then but only when I close the vein otherwise I must always be under control. The unexpected I do not like at all.

* Be very friendly to people of different generations (younger and older, but especially older).

I choose my friendships based on life experiences and ways of thinking, I do not rely on personal numbers. Obviously, those who have more experience than me find it a better knowledge to be able to learn and grow constantly. And that would be a bit for everyone, not just for snobs.

* Admit being snob (offend to the idea that you can just think the other way around).

I’ve always admitted it because it makes me a shield besides not seeing anything bad. If you put yourself as a snob you do not have to justify yourself if you tend to be a very private person who opens up a little. Do you understand what I mean?

In short, in the end I think if all these things make us or look like a snob I do not perceive the negative meaning. As far as I am concerned, I simply interpret parisian snobberies of a private personality. A character consciousness in which a person chooses to open and show less or more slowly than others. One to evaluate who and how to do it. I do not think this is synonymous with being hoarse or stingy or unpleasant. Those are features to be found in envious, negative and especially unhappy individuals. What does not fit into being snob. Do not you also believe it? We are all a little snob at times. Why are you shameful?

Snobismi parigini tratti dal libro Come essere una parigina - Parisian snobbish traits from book How to be a Parisian.

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