How to make a quick and easy perfect makeup in 6 steps

by fashionsnobber

After telling my favorite beauty routine and noting that she liked it very much, I thought I would also talk about makeup. No, no tutorials or advice on how to put make-up on because they are a landslide. As specific every time, in what little I can improve I must expressly thank the beauty bloggers who deal with this very well. They manage to make me learn something new every time. In my own small way, however, I have those 6 essential products capable of making my perfect makeup in 6 steps. Let’s see how and above all which ones.

How to get a perfect makeup in 6 steps

Obviously we start from having clean skin thanks to an excellent facial routine. Well hydrated and ready to be made up. If necessary we use a good primer that meets our needs.That said let’s find out together how to get perfect makeup in 6 steps using as many 6 essential products. In order of application and for a fast result without too many frills.

1. Foundation

How to get perfect makeup with foundation.

It is very difficult to find the perfect one for our skin. Not all foundations are suitable for us and above all not all colors. We avoid darker or too light shades like the plague compared to our natural complexion. You should NEVER see the difference in color between the neck, face and neckline. It is a very bad effect and it certainly does not improve us. I have oily skin that tends to become shiny immediately so I opt for rather light products that can make my skin breathe and that help my opacity to remain as long as possible. To obtain perfect makeup it should not be used in tons but spread as an almost imperceptible veil or the mask effect is guaranteed.

2. Eyeliner or pencil for eyes

How to use eye pencils.

Usually I tend to use only eye pencils and rarely the eyeliner because unfortunately I am not good at making perfect and straight lines. In fact, I never use them over the eye except for evenings or special occasions as opposed to the internal one I always do.
Technically the line inside the eye tends to make it smaller. I know, but I’m so used to seeing it that I find the compromise to trace it only halfway. From the outside to the inside but in the middle of the eye I stop. It makes me a little manga but I like it even if I have no idea if it is right or totally wrong as a technique for perfect makeup. In the evening I use black or dark gray and during the day I use blue. Then I trace another external one (some of you had noticed it recently) under the lower lashes (often blue or gray) that I lengthen or not depending on what goes through my head. Yes, exactly, in practice I invent, this is the point.

3. Eyeshadow

How to use eye shadows for perfect makeup.

In a perfect makeup, the eyeshadows are used to enhance the eyes and not the eyelids, therefore the nuances and shades suitable for the color of your eyes should be chosen well. It should not be spread too much or everywhere obtaining a panda effect. We must be aware that we can always blend more and better. Personally, I never use a single color, at least two with the darkest on the outside and the lightest on the inside. Finally, generally I always go to natural colors that resume my complexion except the evening when I dare much more indulging myself with a specific makeup for blue eyes.

4. Fard

How to apply the blusher.

The blusher must appear natural. Heidi let’s leave it in the cartoons which is better. Should be used in places where the face becomes colored when we blush. It is not part of contouring to shape the cheekbones, this must be clear. It is there but not seen. Makes us healthy and colorful but with lightness and sobriety. Apply it by hinting a smile and tapping with the brush.

5. Mascara

How to apply mascara.

Black or brown mascaras are the best to use to achieve perfect makeup because they allow the lashes to remain natural. Absolutely avoid the lumps that are caused by very dense mascaras or that are drying out. If necessary, insert a few drops of olive oil which softens them immediately allowing you to continue using them. I spread it with zigzag movements from the inside to the outside. Here, mascara is absolutely the product that I can never do without.

6. Lipstick

How to apply lipstick for perfect makeup.

If we have a habit of tracing the lip contour we must pay close attention to it. You absolutely must not see the pencil or the contrast with the lipstick. Yes, maybe it makes them bigger but it has a very ugly and unnatural effect. Personally it is a practice that I have never used and I don’t think I will. In addition, the lipstick should not be applied by exiting too much from the lip contour because it does not enlarge even this thought. On the contrary, it seems to have been heaped because we have just lemoned with someone. Finally, for a perfect makeup it should absolutely not be coordinated with our clothing. It is not necessary, and if we have thin lips, dark colors would be better to avoid them as they tend to make them even smaller.

Products for perfect makeup

Obviously there are a thousand other products to be used to obtain a perfect makeup worthy of note. I limited myself to the main ones I use every morning to create a fairly quick make-up. When I have more time and I need an at least excellent result there is certainly the contouring part, the highlighters, the face powder, the passages for a smokey eyes, the fixatives etc.
Concluding with a tip of good manners, we always remember that when you are out and about, the trick does not settle in front of everyone but must be done in a toilet or at best, secluded where no one sees. Because it is not cute, it attracts attention and is synonymous with insecurity. Having said that, which makeup product can’t you do without?

Products photographed: foundation Perfection Lumière Velvet Chanel No.20 beige, Vitalumière Aqua Chanel No.10 Beige, Mat Lumière Chanel No.70 pastel and foundation Fresh Glow Burberry No.26 beige. Calvin Klein black eye pencil and Burberry No.05 blue carbon. Various collections Chanel eye shadow. Blush pink Chanel No.64 explosion. Mascara Calvin Klein black No.800 and No.10 black Chanel. Calvin Klein lipstick No.610 biteme and Calvin Klein No.500 Liplock. Lipstick Rouge Coco Chanel No.440 Arthur and No.448 Elise, lipstick Rouge Allure Chanel No.104 passion and lipstick Rouge Coco Shine No.116 mighty.

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