The perfect self-portrait guide: all the trendy selfie poses

by fashionsnobber

Self-portraits everywhere, how, when and why is a mania that has been going crazy for years now and to which no one desists. After all, shooting selfie poses and taking photos with your smartphone is much more convenient, practical and faster without having to go and break someone’s boxes to take a picture of us. But we must admit that all this is getting slightly out of hand.
Assuming that I still manage to turn a blind eye to the teenagers, because, moreover, they are experimenting to get to the awareness of their identity, over the age of 25 instead I wonder what is the sense of choosing certain expressions in self-portraits of dubious models missed with that act of “I only have it, I am the only pussy“. For this reason, I thought it appropriate to draw up this short guide to the perfect self-timer, emphasizing the most used selfie poses on the web, trying to draw some nice conclusions.

! High ironic post with blatant teasing. If you are a touchy person, move on.

The 8 hottest selfie poses: you selfie who can!

Mouth chicken ass

Guida alle pose selfie: bocca a culo di gallina.

Of all the selfie poses, it is certainly the most praised one. Anyone who has at least a self-timer with his mouth well pronounced outwards perhaps accompanied by a winking look and succinct poses. Between “I send you a kiss but I’m too convinced to make you understand” and “in this way I get full lips“. Ok, too bad that the result is far from natural, it gives expressions from the idiots and once you get past a certain one, you make yourself laugh more than anything else. Obviously if they are taken in the bathroom with maybe the popò that can be seen in the toilet they are also much cooler. Seeing is believing.

Allergic objective

Migliori pose selfie di moda.

Never and never say look at the photographic lens. Yes, I take it and I’m a convinced model. Typical expression with a generally lateral gaze towards the infinite and beyond accompanied by a slightly sulky and semi-open mouth to let some fly in. After all, being eternally on a diet leads to always being hungry so even flies and midges I understand well can become good nutrients. All that remains is to wish you a good appetite.

Pre and during an orgasm

Most popular selfie poses.

This is one of the most hilarious selfie poses, in my opinion the best. Lean on anything that can happen within range, an empty and lost gaze even while you set the goal, mouth between the hen’s ass and the “come here I do everything” or rigorously open while a ghost is making us try orgasm of our life. Oh dear! What are you doing to me! Please continue!

Apparition of the Madonna

Guide to selfie poses.

Looking upwards, angelic face and semi-amazed, but winking at the same time, for the appearance of the day. We just saw the Madonna or last night’s tablets are still making us hallucinate at the Hitchcock. In fact, they just told us that we are influencing nothing but the little fingers slammed against an edge and we are seriously thinking that simply showing your boobs would perhaps be the best choice.

Killer doll

Guide to the best selfie poses.

Among the selfie poses it is the scariest ever. A direct look at the lens, sometimes winking, sometimes serious, but which leaves little sense of naturalness as much as the conviction of one’s value as an influencer and of feeling more cool than Belen. Never forget the mouthpiece pronounced to make it look more fleshy and eager for attention. Without forgetting the hint of a satisfied smirk towards all the victims killed during their journey because they unwittingly put the sticks in the wheels. Fear!

Manga time

Guida all'autoscatto perfetto.

Expressions typically from manga comics, which are with the fingers to “V” or thumbs towards or play of eyebrows and crooked mouths all makes soup. They make us believe to be nice to everyone immediately but if they are not clearly wanted to convey a message clearly we do not seem nice but idiotic. I don’t think in real life you go around carrying comics with us to draw over your head. The mega question mark only comes to those who see us.

Laugh that passes you

Come fare un autoscatto perfetto.

This of all the selfie poses is perhaps the most cheerful. Always laugh, no matter why but just show all the teeth, as rough as possible. Maybe without holes or crooked teeth please. However happiness is more important than the rest and should be praised in the four winds. It’s not your fault that you feed on people’s envy and then complain and make a scene, right?

Fashion Snobber style

Guida semi seria per un autoscatto perfetto.

And if ironically making fun of others is fun let alone themselves. Here, I take selfies so I do them. With a nice pair of nerdy boyshorts briefs on his head and the much loved mouthpiece and huge smiles. Of the series, I’m not interested in a dry fig to do the pussy in the picture. I am so, not at all photogenic, fat, of normal beauty I think and not at all cool. But I love eating, laughing and making people laugh too much without taking me seriously or showing off more skin. What’s wrong? I remain myself, someone else doesn’t and when you meet them you don’t know what mask they are wearing. Worse than a lottery.

How to take a perfect selfie (maybe)

To be credible, in my opinion, you need to wear our most natural expression. Let’s look at the lens and if for example we have a crooked smile, what does it matter? It is one of our characteristics and this does not make us ugly. They are only our landlines insinuated by the approved beauty that society inculcates us. We smile naturally and if we want to send a kiss let us understand. The forced fleshy mouth and the expression of a convinced model do not make us more pleasant and truthful but only more arrogant with that of a dead cat. And for the sake of good taste and for those who see us, let’s dress more and undress less.

Come scattare un selfie nel modo corretto.

Obviously there are a thousand other types of selfie poses but they lose if I pull my breasts, my butt or anything else has not flashed in my head. Imagine every expression on a semi-naked body and the idea does the same well.
Finally, rest assured, this post was simply an excuse to take away the whim and be able to join the crowd by also taking photos of a true convinced influencer. Credible right? ;P

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