Woman underwear: 4 perfect items for a romantic evening

by fashionsnobber

Valentine’s Day is approaching and for those in a couple being able to carve out time to spend together is a good habit to stimulate the relationship without letting it fall too much into an often devastating monotony. We all agree that we should be able to do it every day of the year but if there is a holiday to remind us how bad it is to organize that extra romantic evening? And it is precisely in these moments that we want to wear our most beautiful, sexy and refined woman underwear.

The perfect woman underwear for a romantic evening

Each of us is known, when a gallant date, or an evening that promises to be particularly spicy, approaches, the first thing you think of is to start looking for that type of refined lingerie, yes, but at the same time also sexy, capable of making us feel well with our body. Whatever our type of silhouette, we want a woman underwear who best represents us by enhancing the figure, making us feel beautiful and reflects our personality. So here is my personal choice of the 4 perfect underwear for our next romantic evening. The timeless total black, from the most classic outfits to the most daring models to satisfy any eventuality.

Sensual baby doll

Intimo donna: cosa indossare per una serata romantica.

Black baby doll in stretch fabric and lace with matching thong. Closure at the center of the neckline with satin bow and on the back the straps join with a heart-shaped lace decoration. Perfect for those who love the elegance and romance of a refined and traditional woman underwear.

Black lace bodysuit

Woman underwear: what to wear for a romantic evening.

Black lace bodysuit with small rhinestone jewels applied to the center of the breast and back. Soft fabric that does not tighten or mark, bra cups with underwire and adjustable straps. It is a decidedly contemporary and trendy piece of lingerie ideal for a sophisticated and modern woman.

Lace corset

Miglior intimo donna: corsetto in pizzo.

Corset in black tulle and silver lace with matching thong. Comfortable and snug fit with padded cups that give an extra size and thin vertical splints make it similar to a bodice. Elegant and sexy woman underwear suitable for those who want to highlight their silhouette by seducing during a special occasion.

Long transparent dressing gown with feathers

Woman underwear: long transparent dressing gown.

Transparent black dressing gown with feather edges. Classic cut, long to the ankles, deep neckline and fabric belt to close it at the waist. Underwear icon of seduction, recommended for a woman who wants to feel immediately charming and provocative at the same time.

Where to buy the best woman underwear online

Recently, just as I was looking for these perfect woman underwear for my romantic evenings, I discovered the online lingerie shop, La Mutanderia. Born in 2016, created and managed internally by Monica, for women of all shapes and sizes. Because no one better than a woman can know our needs, which sexy lingerie we want, look for or dream of being able to wear during our special occasions. Guaranteed delivery in 24H throughout Italy and always free of charge up to 30 days from purchase. The best online underwear site that I would recommend, not only for high quality products, but also because it does not make any kind of physical, age or style distinction. A magical all-female place where we can love each other, spoil ourselves and always feel beautiful and at peace with ourselves.

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